My first BotN: Ilia Dragan (Moldova)
In 2015, Ilia Dragan for the first time entered the lists of the Battle of the Nations as part of the Moldova national team, that year as a fighter. He recalls that the principle of forming the national team was somewhat unusual for modern HMB: “The national team was formed of the people who wanted […]
24 May 2020 11:00
My first BotN: Ádám Ujvári (Hungary)
Hungary started its BotN journey in Prague, 2015, and it was the first big HMB tournament for the national team of this country. Ádám Ujvári, the captain of the Hungarian National team, was one of these fighters who represented Hungary that year.  “It was very good for us. The city is beautiful, and this was […]
23 May 2020 11:08
My first BotN: Aveloc Twiceborn (USA)
Well Known USA representative, and former captain of the USA National team Aveloc Twiceborn started his BotN experience way back in 2012. He was the smallest fighter on the USA Alpha team. Traditionally, without hiding anything, Aveloc shared with us his recollection of that first Battle of the Nations, and it wasn’t a piece of […]
22 May 2020 11:00
My first BotN: Facundo Camilo Lopez (Argentina)
The first Battle of the Nations for Facundo Camilo Lopez, captain of the Argentinian national team of 2017-2018, was in 2016 in Prague. He recalls it with great pleasure and shared with us some moments of the Prague BotN. “It was some kind of magic for me! First European travel, first medieval camp of that […]
21 May 2020 11:00
My first BotN: Aleksandra Soloshenko (Kazakhstan)
  “My first Battle of the Nations did not live up to my expectations”, – admitted Alexandra Soloshenko, who represented Kazakhstan at the HMB World Championship in Serbia. An ambitious and experienced athlete had high hopes for the Battle of the Nations -2019. But, capricious fortune ordered the results differently: “I had very serious preparations […]
20 May 2020 11:00
My first BotN: Jesper Marinus Millinge (Norway)
“German team scared me a lot on the list”, Jesper Marinus Millinge, fighter of the Norway national team recalls his debut on the Battle of the Nations – 2019. There are 7 on them came to Serbia willing to fight!  Everything was awesome till the fight against Germany. The tournament impressed Norwegians with its organization, […]
19 May 2020 11:01
My first BotN: Misch Mühlen (Luxembourg)
Last year the Luxembourg national team managed to return to the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations after a period of absence! Misch Mühlen, Vice-captain of the Luxembourg national team, told HMBIA News about his own debut in Serbia.  “That year I was called to compete in the Sword and Shield category and finished […]
18 May 2020 11:00
My first BotN: Arturo Gutiérrez (Mexico)
“I remember that my first BotN was in Prague in 2016, I was so nervous because it was my first international tournament” recalls Arturo Gutiérrez from Mexico.  That year Arturo managed to fight for two countries – Mexico and Italy. The fight with the Italian squad was versus Poland in 21vs21. It was tough as […]
17 May 2020 11:00
My first BotN: Jan Burgerstein (Czech Republic)
Inexperienced dreamers in weak armor came to the Battle of the Nations in 2013 from the Czech Republic. Everything was new for them and they had to make many discoveries. This Championship taught many lessons that they have learned and have become one of the strongest teams in Europe. But the beginning of their BotN […]
16 May 2020 11:20
My first BotN: Alexandar Dobri Uroshevich (Serbia)
Serbs were welcomed in Trogir in 2014 and since that time these mighty warriors are part of the HMB family. These debutants had to travel for hours by car to get to the Croatia. There were 7 of them. Alexandar Dobri Uroshevich recalls that there were many more fighters willing to go to Trogir, but […]
15 May 2020 11:00
My first BotN: Nikolaj Bykov (Estonia) 
There was a time when there was no Estonian team. HMB beginners may find this hard to believe, but veterans remember that in 2013 the Baltic team arrived in the French city of Aigues Mortes – three fighters from Estonia and 5 from Latvia! These heroic men, having overcome a lot of difficulties at home, […]
14 May 2020 11:00
My first BotN: Antonio de Zio (Italy)
Italy is the second European country that joined BotN in 2011. It was held in the Ukrainian city Khotyn. This time the Italian team went to Ukraine to take part in this big event, as they saw it, but things changed during the Battle of the Nations Opening ceremony.  “I was the captain of our […]
13 May 2020 11:00
My first BotN: Teemu Laiho (Finland)
The Croatian city of Trogir welcomed the National team of Finland – the debutants of the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations – in 2014. Teemu Laiho that year was a fighter in the team Finland 1. They had two male teams in 5vs5 and one female duelist.  “The whole team was new, all […]
12 May 2020 11:00
My first BotN: Julian Angelozzi (South Africa)
In 2019, the flag of South Africa was flown at the Battle of the Nations for the first time. The 10th anniversary championship was the debut of a representative of this distant country. Despite the fact that there was only 1 fighter from South Africa, he had enough impressions of everything he saw and felt […]
11 May 2020 11:00
My first BotN: Christian Bernal (Spain)
As everybody in HMB movement knows, Spanish Barcelona was held the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations – 2017. HMBIA News had a little conversation with Spanish captain Christian Bernal, who actually, lives in Barcelona about Spain debut on the world HMB arena:  “Having Battle of the Nations – 2017 in Barcelona is especially […]
10 May 2020 11:03
My first BotN: Gao Peng (China)
In 2017, several new countries joined the Battle of the Nations, one of which was China. Everyone was looking forward to meeting the Celestial Team, whose culture has always been unique and completely unlike the European one. They impatiently wanted to enter the lists as soon as possible. HMBIA News asked Gao Peng, the captain […]
09 May 2020 11:00



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