HMB Soft workshop in Milan: everybody did a great job!
HMB Soft discipline is becoming more popular worldwide. Italy is no exception. Ali Askerov and Sergei Myasishchev held a workshop on 7-8 April in Milan, where both speakers and participants talked about methods of teaching children. In particular, during the workshop the following topics were considered: – a demonstration of a typical training for athletes […]
10 Apr 2018 17:48
Copa São Paulo 2018: get ready to fight!
A famous Brazilian city San Paulo will host the last tournament, before the World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2018 in Rome, on April 14. This day will be hot and full of adrenaline. There are four buhurt teams registered for “3 vs 3″ competition and more than 20 duelists for “Longsword”, “Sword and Shield” and […]
10 Apr 2018 13:51
Press accreditation!
Dear representatives of the mass media, planning to visit the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2018, we inform you that the accreditation for work during the tournament is obligatory! “Battle of the Nations” is the largest event of the year in the HMB movement worldwide. Every year hundreds of the strongest fighters from […]
06 Apr 2018 13:29
Medieval fair at Battle of the Nations-2018
Fans of HMB sport, attending the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations” for several years, know that besides fighting, there is a magnificent medieval fair at the territory of the Championship with the richest variety of high-quality goods. Traditionally, craftsmen from all over the world come here, and the quality of the goods […]
05 Apr 2018 14:01
Medieval battles returned to the castle of Santa Severa!
While reading the historical novels by Walter Scott, we can come up with images of medieval knights, long bloody sieges and the brilliance of royal lives. We imagine majestic castles, enveloped in the atmosphere of knightly duels, gloomy customs and medieval passions: massive stone walls, high ceiling vaults and fortress towers, crowned with flags. Nowadays, […]
04 Apr 2018 18:33
Castle of Santa Severa – the official location of the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2018
HMBIA proudly presents the Castle of Santa Severa as the official location for the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2018, that will be held on 3-6th May. The castle was built in the 14th century, and its medieval spirit will provide us with the most outstanding complement to the atmosphere of the Championship! […]
03 Apr 2018 21:31
HMB girls rule!
HMB girls are not only beautiful and smart – they are really tough. Girls train hard and show great results. They are purposeful and disciplined. And we can list the names of these girls as long as you want. For example, Melanie Gras from the “Decima” club (Germany). She trains hard and seriously.   Melanie […]
30 Mar 2018 17:07
The “Wolfengarde” HMB club: steel or soft? They take both
The history of the “Wolfengarde” HMB club starts in late 2015. They became official in early 2016 and is located in Orange County, California. HMBIA News found out its story from Jonathan DeSalvo, one of the club`s founders and the “Battle of the Nations” veteran. He told our reporter that they have about 30 members […]
29 Mar 2018 17:38
The UK has already formed its National Team and is willing to fight!
The British Buhurt Federation has already announced the UK representatives at the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2018 in Rome. It is important to mention that this year the selections in the UK were the Buhurt League event! So, here are the winners in all categories: Men’s duels: “Sword and Shield” – Lukas […]
28 Mar 2018 17:10
The results of the first open HMB Soft Cup of Germany
Ganspe (Lower Saxony) hosted the first open HMB Soft Cup of Germany on March 17-18, 2018. The tournament was attended by the teams from Germany and Russia. There were the accredited HMB Soft Marshals on the event – Sergey Myasishchev, Ali Askerov and Maxim Sinelnikov. Here you can find the results of the fights in […]
26 Mar 2018 17:16
Roosa Järvinen: her life, fights and dreams
After the first fight she couldn`t even remember her name, but she knew for sure that she left her heart on the list! Today we will talk about Roosa Järvinen from Finland.   She has been fighting since the end of 2015. That year she saw fights of her friends for the first time and […]
23 Mar 2018 14:03
Country in numbers – the story of New Zealand
New Zealand is involved in HMB sport for almost six years. They are great athletes and really enjoy HMB. David Briscoe is a captain of the local National Team. He is an experienced fighter and respected person in the whole HMB movement worldwide. David has been in the sport since 2014, he was a part […]
21 Mar 2018 17:30
New ways to make a dream come true!
Chile has serious plans to take part in the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”- 2018. This year they decided to try new ways to reach this goal. Christian Andrés Toro Berríos, the captain of the National Team of Chile, decided to start a crowdfunding campaign to get money for a trip to […]
20 Mar 2018 18:00
UK Eliminations: get ready to fight!
UK will form its National Team during a one-day event and this day will be tough! Fifty fighters from the United Kingdom will fight for the honor to represent their country this year at the most important event in HMB sport – the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations” – 2018 in Rome. […]
19 Mar 2018 17:05
“White Eagles” of Serbia are willing to fight!
Aleksandar Urosevic is a real “HMB Eagle”, well known and skilled fighter. He loves the HMB sport and trains hard with his clubmates. He told about the club he represents, their trainings and HMB friends. So, his club called “White Eagles” (“Beli Orlovi” in Serbian) was registered in 2010. A name of the club comes […]
18 Mar 2018 18:23
“Championnat de France de béhourd”-2018: details of the past tournament
Saint-Dizier hosted “French Buhurt Championship”-2018 on March 10-11. There were competitions in “5 vs 5″, “3 vs 3″ and “21 vs 21″ categories. It was really impressive! This tournament was large-scale: there were 22 teams for “5 vs 5″, 3 teams for “3 vs 3″ and 5 alliances for “21 vs 21″ categories. Every team […]
17 Mar 2018 18:07



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