Coors, Germany: “HMB also gave me a chance to compete internationally against the best and to learn from them.”
Sebastian Coors, fighter of the “Zitadelle e.V.” club (Germany), fighter of the National Team of Germany   I’ve been into HMB for three years now. I’ve chosen triathlon because I prefer to be solely responsible for my wins or losses. I’ve never been much of a team player and I prefer to depend on myself, […]
10 Nov 2014 11:02
Clothing Issue
“What clothes are the best for training?” – Frequently Asked Questions / Information for novices – Everything depends on what you are going to do. If you’re going to deal with general fitness exercises, then you can use casual, comfortable clothes. You can even wear a tailcoat with a bow tie, if you wish! If […]
06 Nov 2014 12:24
Maksimenko, Latvia: “I remember being proud of my fighters when they fought against Poland…”
Vladimir Maksimenko (Hartman Enon), fighter of “Lubeck” club (Latvia), captain of the National Team of Latvia When the euphoria of “Battle of the Nations”-2014 was gone and the first materials began to appear on the Internet, indigenous people of Latvia started to join us and offer their help. Perhaps, it was due to the fact […]
06 Nov 2014 11:11
Assadi: “I love teamwork and I also like adrenaline and fighting.”
Sina Assadi, fighter of “M.A.C” club (Sweden), fighter of the National Team of Luxemburg … Concerning choosing HMB sport I joined the HMB movement at the beginning of 2014. I met a guy at a party who told me about the Team, I came and saw everything with my own eyes! I liked the fact […]
06 Nov 2014 09:18
Avenirov, Ukraine: “When you participate in a competition, you have to fight to the very end!”
– People of the HMB movement    Nikolay Avenirov,   fighter of the HMB club “Ayna Bera” (Kyiv, Ukraine), fighter of the National Team of Ukraine  One of the most titled Ukrainian fighters concerning many things… … Concerning his way to HMB sport My way to full contact fighting in armor is familiar to many fighters. […]
03 Nov 2014 19:26
Koryagin, Russia: “We immediately agreed with Mathias that I would root for the Austrian team, and he would support Russians”
I have been attending “Battle of the Nations” since 2011. First of all, I’ve been doing that to support my friends and my brother, so I root for the Russian team. In addition, I have many friends from other countries, for example Austria, Germany, Finland and others, and when they are on the lists I’m […]
03 Nov 2014 13:27
Zerr, Germany: “We do our job efficiently, and it gives more and more results every year”
Valentin Zerr, Vice-President of the HMB club “Zitadelle”, fighter of the National Team of Germany About the movement in the country and the National Team captaincy… …About the movement in Germany We have role-playing, living history, and fencing done according to historical sources (medieval literature), craftsmen… blacksmiths and gunsmiths… As for full contact battles, this […]
02 Nov 2014 13:39
Mexican breakthrough, or European Middle Ages in Mexican way
Many may be surprised, but Mexicans, though being far from all known historical features of the European Middle Ages, are very fond of historical medieval battles in armor. The HMB movement is developing very actively there, and, judging by the pace, will catch up or even leave behind old Europe soon! Today we can say […]
02 Nov 2014 12:33
Tapsell, New Zealand: “It was amazing to fight against Ukraine in buhurt!”
All the teams showed their best, but the most important moment for me was the fight of our team against Ukraine. The fact is that since I’ve started practising HMB sport, I’ve been a fan of the National Team of Ukraine. It was amazing to fight against Ukraine in buhurt! I managed to bring down […]
29 Oct 2014 11:37
Shestakov, Estonia: “Everybody wants to join the main five-member team, and we will hold a qualifying event for that”
Our impressions concerning “Battle of the Nations”-2014 are great. We would like to fight with all those opponents, who we have already met, again. And there are many others who we would like to meet. As for Russia, we want to go there, but we have only been invited to a training so far. We […]
29 Oct 2014 10:45
McNaughton, Scotland. Concerning the course made…
Pioneer of the Scottish HMB movement, Dave McNaughton, concerning his way of stirring up the movement in his country. First we had to learn whether the people of Scotland really wanted to join the National Team of the country. We began to conduct surveys in the social network Facebook. As a result, we held a […]
28 Oct 2014 15:05
Lukashov, Kazakhstan: “How could we stay aside when HMB finally formed as a sport?!”
– New people of the HMB movement Vitaliy Lukashov, President of a “Bayard-Legion” HMB club, Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan (a branch of historical fencing club “Bayard”, Moscow, Russia), HMBIA supervisor in Kazakhstan …About his way to HMB sport (from a “wall notice” and up to world ambitions), movement in the country (from the moment of its formation […]
28 Oct 2014 13:50
McNaughton, Scotland: “We’ve founded regional clubs across the country to select the best fighters for the National Team”
Participation in the World Championship in HMB Battle of the Nations-2014 gave us a lot of invaluable experience which our team started to implement immediately after returning from Croatia. We continued to train and taught novices, shared our experiences with them. At the beginning of our preparation for Battle of the Nations-2014 we had only […]
28 Oct 2014 12:44
Nayderov, Russia: “My advice is the following – confront stronger opponents on the lists more often”
I liked Battle of the Nations-2014 held in Croatia. But we lacked teams that failed to attend the event in Trogir as they had gone to another tournament. I hope that in the future, this problem will disappear (and we will remember it as an unfortunate misunderstanding), and we will participate in the World Championship […]
28 Oct 2014 12:08
Obradovic, Serbia: “Compared to the previous year, our standards of authenticity increased significantly!”
HMB sport became more popular in Serbia compared to the previous year. We have new clubs and a large support group for the teams. Now all the fighters are having rest, as the season is over, and improving their armor and fitness. We are working on the organization of a national tournament which is to […]
28 Oct 2014 12:00
Jimenez, Mexico: “Together, we want to create a series of tournaments that will later transform into Mexican HMB Championship!”
We have worked hard to promote full contact fighting in armor in Mexico. An important step was the creation of the Mexican Association of Historical medieval battles. The aim of the organization is to promote HMB sport in our country. But we are still working hard to become official members of HMBIA. We open HMB […]
24 Oct 2014 18:18



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