Tapsell, New Zealand: “It was amazing to fight against Ukraine in buhurt!”
All the teams showed their best, but the most important moment for me was the fight of our team against Ukraine. The fact is that since I’ve started practising HMB sport, I’ve been a fan of the National Team of Ukraine. It was amazing to fight against Ukraine in buhurt! I managed to bring down […]
29 Oct 2014 11:37
Shestakov, Estonia: “Everybody wants to join the main five-member team, and we will hold a qualifying event for that”
Our impressions concerning “Battle of the Nations”-2014 are great. We would like to fight with all those opponents, who we have already met, again. And there are many others who we would like to meet. As for Russia, we want to go there, but we have only been invited to a training so far. We […]
29 Oct 2014 10:45
McNaughton, Scotland. Concerning the course made…
Pioneer of the Scottish HMB movement, Dave McNaughton, concerning his way of stirring up the movement in his country. First we had to learn whether the people of Scotland really wanted to join the National Team of the country. We began to conduct surveys in the social network Facebook. As a result, we held a […]
28 Oct 2014 15:05
Lukashov, Kazakhstan: “How could we stay aside when HMB finally formed as a sport?!”
– New people of the HMB movement Vitaliy Lukashov, President of a “Bayard-Legion” HMB club, Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan (a branch of historical fencing club “Bayard”, Moscow, Russia), HMBIA supervisor in Kazakhstan …About his way to HMB sport (from a “wall notice” and up to world ambitions), movement in the country (from the moment of its formation […]
28 Oct 2014 13:50
McNaughton, Scotland: “We’ve founded regional clubs across the country to select the best fighters for the National Team”
Participation in the World Championship in HMB Battle of the Nations-2014 gave us a lot of invaluable experience which our team started to implement immediately after returning from Croatia. We continued to train and taught novices, shared our experiences with them. At the beginning of our preparation for Battle of the Nations-2014 we had only […]
28 Oct 2014 12:44
Nayderov, Russia: “My advice is the following – confront stronger opponents on the lists more often”
I liked Battle of the Nations-2014 held in Croatia. But we lacked teams that failed to attend the event in Trogir as they had gone to another tournament. I hope that in the future, this problem will disappear (and we will remember it as an unfortunate misunderstanding), and we will participate in the World Championship […]
28 Oct 2014 12:08
Obradovic, Serbia: “Compared to the previous year, our standards of authenticity increased significantly!”
HMB sport became more popular in Serbia compared to the previous year. We have new clubs and a large support group for the teams. Now all the fighters are having rest, as the season is over, and improving their armor and fitness. We are working on the organization of a national tournament which is to […]
28 Oct 2014 12:00
Jimenez, Mexico: “Together, we want to create a series of tournaments that will later transform into Mexican HMB Championship!”
We have worked hard to promote full contact fighting in armor in Mexico. An important step was the creation of the Mexican Association of Historical medieval battles. The aim of the organization is to promote HMB sport in our country. But we are still working hard to become official members of HMBIA. We open HMB […]
24 Oct 2014 18:18
Training seminar in HMB (Italy, Milan, November 1-2, 2014). Program
First day: Seminar by Sergey Ukolov. The program includes: 1. Basic technique. Movements, hittings, defenses, stands. Training practice. 2. Series of strikes, combinations. Theirs variations, usage, necessity. 3. Contact work, clinch. Principles and techniques 4. Forming-up all training process from training to macrocycle. 5. Longsword and buckler. An overview of techniques and battle principles. 6. […]
24 Oct 2014 17:21
Norðri, Switzerland: “I hope we’ll meet interesting novices at “Battle of the Nations”-2015 again”
In my opinion, the most spectacular start in HMB sport this year was made by the National Teams of Mexico and Finland. I did not expect such great results from those teams! Team France was also superb, it seemed to me that the guys had gathered an excellent composition for “Battle of the Nations”-2014. It […]
24 Oct 2014 17:16
Sergheev, Moldova: “In the end, I joined the buhurt “Russia against all.” It was an exciting experience”
I’ve got a lot of impressions concerning “Battle of the Nations”-2014 🙂 The venue was stunningly beautiful. Picturesque old medieval town, the town hall, cathedral, statues, emblems on the walls … and even the game, Nine Men’s Morris, carved on a stone near the cathedral… A huge number of participants, busy medieval camp with rows […]
24 Oct 2014 10:11
Makarian, Ukraine: “During the tournament the marshal has to forget about his /her “citizenship”
In principle, anyone can become an HBM marshal. However, a real HMB marshal must possess a number of important qualities, namely to be able to make decisions instantly, have resistance to stress, and, of course, know the rules of combat. The marshal has to pay special attention to prohibited actions, i.e. he/she should know all […]
23 Oct 2014 15:31
“CECM”, Argentina: “There are no unimportant people, everyone is important!”
HMB clubs “CECM” Club, Argentina (Buenos Aires). Established in 2013 Historical medieval battle is a new and relatively young sport, but it develops rapidly in Argentina. The country has an HMB Federation, which is working on the sport promotion. And its work is paying off, today HMB clubs are represented almost throughout Argentina. Andy Di […]
13 Oct 2014 18:03
Glendinning, the United Kingdom. “Fitness and fitness again!” is the key point learned by our team”
I think, our team learned a lot after participation in the World Championship in Historical Medieval Battle “Battle of the Nations”-2014. For many of our guys, including myself, it was the first full-contact fighting in armor. It was the lesson we had to learn from the very first. “Fitness and fitness again!” is the key […]
10 Oct 2014 12:00
Sacchetti, Italy: “You have to make sure that everyone follows the rules”
I participated in the World Championship in HMB Battle of the Nations-2014 as a member of the Authenticity Committee and authenticity marshal for the first time. Being authenticity marshal this year was a new experience for me. I do not think I can give advice to people willing to join the committee, I have to […]
10 Oct 2014 10:47
Tapsell, New Zealand: “The most important thing is to get fun participating in the tournament!”
Participating in the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2014, the men of our team got a lot of experience and excellent skills. We have learned much about the art of combat, about attack and defense… Also, now we know more about the tactics of the best teams in the world. The acquired knowledge […]
10 Oct 2014 09:37



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