Assadi: “I love teamwork and I also like adrenaline and fighting.”

06 Nov 2014 09:18

Sina Assadi,
fighter of “M.A.C” club (Sweden),
fighter of the National Team of Luxemburg

… Concerning choosing HMB sport

I joined the HMB movement at the beginning of 2014. I met a guy at a party who told me about the Team, I came and saw everything with my own eyes! I liked the fact the guys dealt with full contact team battles. I love teamwork and I also like adrenaline and fighting. This was the right choice for me. I have done a bit of this and that, but at the moment HMB sport is the only thing I practise.

… Concerning his armor

My armor is from the finds related to the Battle of Visby. It’s 14th century Swedish armor. The Visby style brigandine and so on. Sugarloaf with chain aventail made of 3mm stainless steel. It’s very heavy, but protects my head from any hits just perfectly. On the forehead, I have a sign saying “Come at me bro” in Latin. I was satisfied with my armor, I just need to put in some extra plates on the back. I’ll probably replace my 14-kg helmet with something lighter, but I like “the bunker”.

… Concerning “Battle of the Nations”-2014

I was disappointed by some points, but mostly it was positive. I met a lot of new friends and brothers-in-arms. I remember fighting against Argentina, the guys could not get me down. I had guys climbing on me and hitting me, but I fought hard in that heat. I had to wait and watch the videos to understand clearly what had happened, ‘cause I had got a heatstroke and forgot everything concerning that day.

… Concerning features needed by every HMB fighter

Stamina and awareness. Nr 1 is to breath in a right way and Nr 2 is defence skills. Once you master these points, you can start fighting.

… Concerning his favorite category

My favorite category is, probably, “all vs all” or “kill the king”, since it’s very close to real medieval battles.

… Concerning his combat techniques and features

If I had some, I would never tell you about that! 🙂


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania