All HMBIA activities are posponed
Emergency online session of the HMBIA Extraordinary General Assembly was announced on March 3 in response to the war in Ukraine and the impact it has on the HMB community. The online session took place on Monday, March 7th, at 20.00 CET. Only one representative per country was able to take part. All participants to […]
24 Mar 2022 14:26
Battle of the Nations 2022 is officially cancelled
On Saturday evening the letter with the Termination of Collaborative project Agreement of Intent on hosting Battle of the Nations 2022 was sent to the HMBIA office by the “Visit Oradea” General Manager. In response to that decision several meetings and calls were arranged in the attempt to keep this year’s World Championship possible, as […]
01 Mar 2022 13:28
The HMB USA team is ready: Who will enter the BotN 2022 lists
On February 5-6 HMB USA held its national tournament which led to the roster for Battle of the Nations.  This year the 5 vs 5 category was highly contested. After a round robin pool was completed, the four top teams fought to represent the HMB USA team for buhurts in Romania. Long time contender Ordo […]
11 Feb 2022 18:16
The USA qualifyings are coming! It will be tough 
The San Diego Swords tournament, one of the most important events in the HMB community of the USA, will gather about 100 fighters from all over the country. The most courageous, strong and experienced fighters will gather on February 5 in Temecula city (Ca) to take part in the national qualification tournament and will compete […]
03 Feb 2022 01:29
Secrets behind the walls of the Oradea Fortress
We know that the Battle of the Nations is getting closer every day, and we are all looking forward to it. We also know that it will take place in Romania, in the beautiful fortress of the city of Oradea. However, what do we know about this fortress? Our correspondent did a little research and […]
29 Jan 2022 15:01
What is cooked the BotN
Battle of the Nations is not only fighting, it is much more! There is a very romantic and interesting moment in the Championship. Remember, the day of battles has come to an end, at last you can take off the armor and relax. You are sitting by the fire with friends and having dinner. You […]
18 Jan 2022 23:53
Botn 2022: call to arms!
The long-awaited Battle of the Nations will take place this year! We have been waiting for this news for too long and when it finally received confirmation, there was an inimitable sensation among the HMB community around the world! There was a lot of joy and doubt in the comments under the post on social […]
09 Jan 2022 16:23
Australia is back in the game
Australia returns to HMB sport! Recently, mass gatherings of people have been allowed in the country, which means that HMB athletes can return to training. It is especially joyful for them, because few days ago the dates of the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations 2022 were announced. Bryce Lightbody, captain of the Australian […]
29 Nov 2021 16:25
Things happen… and other BotN adventures
The Battle of the Nations evokes a lot of associations for many of us. There are battles, camps, communication with friends, acquaintance with a new country, and much more. This is all very cool, and we all love it. But, for sure, every fighter can remember some incident that happened to him or his friends, […]
20 Nov 2021 19:14
Medieval Oradea: the heroic past of the brave city
Soon the city of Oradea will become a part of the history of the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations. The city has an amazing and rich history. Telling Oradea’s whole story is overwhelming work because, in some sources, references go to the Neolithic! Today we will tell you only a part, but exactly […]
07 Nov 2021 20:21
What is behind the Battle of the Nations 2022 poster?
Everyone saw the epic Battle of the Nations 2022 poster and noticed that it was different from the posters of previous years. A battle scene against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset, where the main character is a knight in shining armor and sword in hand as if preparing to repel the enemy’s attack. There […]
20 Oct 2021 17:11
Max Yun Channel: to show the beauty of HMB
Recently, on the open spaces of the Russian-speaking YouTube, a channel has emerged where you can learn many important and interesting things about HMB. Not just a theoretician, but a practicing and well-known HMB fighter Maxim Yun from the Old Friends team of the Bern club tells his viewers about the intricacies of sports, armor, […]
13 Oct 2021 15:19
HMB New Zealand have a new leader
New Zealand had to say a sad goodbye to their previous National Team Captain, Cody Hamilton, and now welcomes their new Captain, Dean Sinclair. The HMBIA News team decided to get acquainted with the new leader of the national team and asked him for an interview. Dean accepted our invitation. The conversation turned out to […]
29 Sep 2021 14:42
Ways to enjoy Botn more
The HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” is a great opportunity for participants to visit a new country, get acquainted with its culture, and also enjoy all the opportunities that the championship itself provides.  Many teams from various countries come here for the extensive sports program that is held here, however, there is always […]
17 Sep 2021 18:47
The story about people who are not afraid to show their love
We have all loved HMB sport for many years. This is understandable and a mutual feeling. So, today we will talk about those who wear this love not only in their hearts but also on their bodies … in the form of a tattoo.  A month ago, we posted the request on our social media to […]
11 Sep 2021 22:47
Oradea must see places
The Romanian city of Oradea will host the next HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations. We are all looking forward to it and decided to prepare for you a list of city attractions that are worth visiting while in Oradea. Not everything is collected here that can please and surprise this city. We will […]
03 Sep 2021 16:29



1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania