Ways to enjoy Botn more
The HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” is a great opportunity for participants to visit a new country, get acquainted with its culture, and also enjoy all the opportunities that the championship itself provides.  Many teams from various countries come here for the extensive sports program that is held here, however, there is always […]
17 Sep 2021 18:47
The story about people who are not afraid to show their love
We have all loved HMB sport for many years. This is understandable and a mutual feeling. So, today we will talk about those who wear this love not only in their hearts but also on their bodies … in the form of a tattoo.  A month ago, we posted the request on our social media to […]
11 Sep 2021 22:47
Oradea must see places
The Romanian city of Oradea will host the next HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations. We are all looking forward to it and decided to prepare for you a list of city attractions that are worth visiting while in Oradea. Not everything is collected here that can please and surprise this city. We will […]
03 Sep 2021 16:29
Armour And Castings: en garde for historicity and quality
Who doesn’t love jewelry? The one who has never seen them! During the Middle Ages, they probably thought the same. There is a need for jewelry of this period even now, and there is also a workshop that has been making jewelry and belts since 2004. Their products have been featured in movies and TV series […]
28 Aug 2021 16:59
The perfect combination of historian and crafter
It’s nice to work with a person who knows exactly how a shield should look from a historical point of view and knows how to make it with high quality! We can also add that it is felt immediately if a master has done a thing with love. It serves for a long time, and it just […]
21 Aug 2021 01:14
Hungarians are eager to fight!
The first HMB tournament in the last year and a half was recently held in Hungary. Remarkably, that the Tournament of Visegrad – an event well known and loved by many HMB fighters in Europe.  In connection with this, the HMBIA News editorial office was interested to find out how things are with HMB in this […]
12 Aug 2021 15:19
Finland: innovations and traditions in training
As soon as the opportunity to organize mass training appeared in Finland, local HMB athletes immediately took advantage of it. Risto Järvinen, active board member in Finnish buhurt association Medieval Combat Sport Finland, founding member and captain of the Tavastia Armigeri’s Finnish National League, shared with HMBIA News reporters that in the HMB athletes training […]
09 Aug 2021 16:14
MedievalUA: the workshop that got copied
Have you ever seen your products among the best shield makers from India? The crafter Sergey Shmyd from Ukraine saw it and was very surprised. Who wouldn’t be surprised? Just so that you do not fall for the bait of dishonest sellers, we will tell you about the work of the “MedievalUA” workshop, which Sergey […]
04 Aug 2021 23:25
Средњовековни Занати: making medieval items with love
Today our desire to introduce you to the nominees of the Artisans and Craftsmen People’s Choice Award competition has brought us to Serbia. They know and love history and HMB. We are now ready to present to you the Средњовековни Занати (Medieval Crafts) Workshop and its masters and owners Sava and Milena Grozdanović – a […]
21 Jul 2021 15:59
Bogdan Mihaylov: “Items for HMB should be comfortable and wear resistant”
How can a passion for role-playing games give you lifelong work? Easily! This is exactly what happened to Bogdan Mihaylov, a crafter from Ukraine. Today we are going to tell you about his workshop as part of our Artisans and Craftsmen People’s Choice Award nominees acquaintance. It all started in 1992, when Bogdan Mihaylov was […]
14 Jul 2021 15:09
Evil Russians in New Zealand
Evil Russians who have won the sympathy of all the HMB community of New Zealand continue our marathon of representing participants in the Artisans and Craftsmen People’s Choice Award competition. Today we go to New Zealand and talk to the mysterious and “evil” founders of the workshop. Behind such a harsh name are the well-known […]
07 Jul 2021 16:12
HMB worldwide: the start of trainings 
HMB training is starting to return to the daily life of our community. So, HMBIA News decided to report how the fighters from the UK, Switzerland and Spain began to return to their combat shape. Pawel Kurzak, the well-known HMB athlete and the best fighter of the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations 2019 […]
03 Jul 2021 17:40
Výroba štítů / Shields Manufacturing: HMB got in our blood
It all started quite by accident. In the Czech Republic in 2008, 2 friends David Shane Vejmělka and Pavel Pavlis Kaláb made themselves shields for HMB fights, and their teammates saw and asked them to make shields for the whole team, and thus the workshop Výroba štítů \ Shields Manufacturing was born. As soon as […]
25 Jun 2021 23:17
“Rogday’s Craft” Yar-Tur “: 15 years of experience and development
The workshop “Rogday’s Craft” Yar-Tur “ is widely known in Ukraine and far beyond its borders. The workshop was nominated for our ‘The Artisans and Craftsmen People’s Choice Award’ competition for the HMBIA quality mark. The workshop, located in the city of Kiev, is engaged in the production of replicas such as shoes, bags, belts […]
18 Jun 2021 23:53
Knight Art Workshop: most important are the correct historical process and visual
Our June continues with the introduction of the Artisans and Craftsmen People’s Choice Award competition nominees, and today we want to introduce the nominee from France. The Knight Art Workshop and its owner Arno Fau, also known as Arnold Fou, was nominated by many HMB representatives from different countries and we are happy to tell […]
11 Jun 2021 15:27
Racaire’s Workshop: every person is unique!
The presentation of the Artisans and Craftsmen People’s Choice Award competition nominees continues. Today we introduce Anna E. Dockery, the craftswoman from the Racaire’s Workshop (USA) to you.  Her workshop makes one of a kind hand printed clothing, coifs, bags, hoods and much more! To decorate the fabric with ornaments, special blocks are used that […]
04 Jun 2021 15:18



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