“Battle of the Nations”-2014. To clear a height!
Intrigue. Main points. Innovations This year Trogir (Croatia) was attended by almost three dozen countries whose representatives sought honor and glory. In addition to the laurels, winners expected to get a substantial prize fund of 30,000 euros. A lot of adrenaline, passions, intrigue was present at the event… But even heat followed by a shower […]
27 Jun 2014 16:37
Heinrich Stefan Wurzian, Austria: “We learned from out defeats”
Well, unfortunately we had to withdraw team Austria-1, due to some injuries and technical problems, from the Austria CUP Tournament in Hainburg the weekend before BotN. Team Austria 2 was formed of a lot of very young and novice fighters who still have a lack of experience, some problems with their armor. They did well […]
27 Jun 2014 13:00
Sandro Bizzozzero, Switzerland: “We are happy with the results”
We have good memories, it was our first World Championship as a team and we are happy with the results.Was the first time that fought all together, for some it was the first time at “5 vs 5”. The only point a little negative, was the tent of athletes, had to be closer to the […]
27 Jun 2014 12:07
The best authentic and aesthetic armor and costume at “Battle of the Nations”-2014
Contest for the best authentic costume and armour World Championship in Historical Medieval Battle  “Battle of the Nations”-2014 Winners and participants The best authentic costume MALE The Winner Serdjan Obradovic (Serbia) Axel Friederfdorf (Germany) Glebs Kozitckics (Estonia) Maksim Shishkin (Russia) Gregory Ian Posh (Austria) Mattia Dazzi (Italy) Nick Birmingham (UK) Sebastian Przybyszewski (Poland) Tomasz Konopka […]
25 Jun 2014 14:45
Jason Daniel Wilson, USA: “We actually have high hopes for the next year”
We have been fighting with Russians. And they are really strong rivals, and we should respect them for that. They are wonderful fighters. I have not so much experience, and one day I hope I will be like them. We didn’t got used to for such actually technic which is using here, but we are […]
25 Jun 2014 11:18
Final results of a World Championship in Historical Medieval Battle “Battle of the Nations”-2014
“Battle of the Nations”-2014 World Championship in Historical Medieval Battle Trogir (Croatia), June 12-15, 2014 Results  Category “Duel” Categories “Group Battles”, “Mass Battles” Female category “Duel” 1vs1. Places 1 – 12 1. Tatiana Guseva, Russia 2. Gulina Kokhvakko, Russia 3. Yana Zabolotnikova, Russia 4. Irina Ilnitska, Ukraine 5. Daria Ignatenko, Belarus 6. Maj Olczak, Poland […]
24 Jun 2014 13:34
Angelo Varela, Mexico: “Trogir it’s an awesome place, maybe because of atmosphere, which Battle of the Nations brought here”
It’s our first time when we are here. We feel happy. We feel great. Because we proofed to other nations that Mexico is not only a small country. We proofed that we are quite strong in some kinds of sport, especially in such uncommon kind for Mexico, as a fighting in armour. We won only […]
22 Jun 2014 11:06
Josiph Pohl, Czech Republic: “It was an awesome experience for us and a great school!”
This year we did good fights! In 2013 in France was our first time fighting, and since that time we have done a lot of trainings to be more prepared at his Battle of the Nations-2014. And I hope we did! When we participated in mass battles and when almost everybody was on the ground […]
21 Jun 2014 11:04
Battle of the Nations-2014: “If you train, you will be a champion”
An official closing ceremony of the fifth Championship in HMB Battle ofthe Nations was held on Sunday, June 15. Now we know all the winners, all the champions of each represented category. The anniversary “Battle of the Nations” has offered a new category, namely “1 vs 1” female fights. Women represented their national colours with […]
16 Jun 2014 11:58
Vitaliy Tkachenko: “Guys, I am impressed of your strong spirit and bravery”
Ukrainian Vitaliy Tkachenko is one of the “Four of Trogir Pioneers”- the fighters who first fought on the land that now is hosting the World Championship in Historical Medieval Battle. It was in February – 2014… But May broke his plans: pitiful injury on the training. The gypsum and crutches are not an excuse to […]
14 Jun 2014 15:00
Battle of the Nations-2014: “Normal Scottish weather”
HMB fighters are those people, who adore their deal and will fight bot in the cold rain and under the burning sun. It is the 3rd day of a World Championship Battle of the Nations-2014. Fights started with a cloudy sky, and till the midday Trogir had a big rain. We have a lot of […]
14 Jun 2014 14:48
Woman-marshal at “Battle of the Nations”
We already have the first female trainee marshal. And this is Jemma Kirtan from the UK, who is training judged female fights in ”1 vs 1” category this year at “Battle of the Nations”. And this is what she will be doing next year. I met her in our camp, and she told me interesting […]
13 Jun 2014 15:47
Battle of the Nations-2014. Day 1. Results
Results in woman nomination «1 vs 1» Group “A” 1st place – Russia Fighter 1 2nd place – Poland Fighter 3 3rd place – Argentina Fighter 1 4th place – Friesland Fighter 2 5th place – Ukraine Fighter 3 Group “B” 1st place – Russia Fighter 2 2nd place – Ukraine Fighter 1 3rd place […]
13 Jun 2014 10:34
“Battle of the Nations”-2014 is ready to go!
Tomorrow is the first day of the Fifth World Championship “Battle of the Nations”. And we are ready! The camp is on the coast. National teams are here. Trogir is waiting. And this is what I have heard from the people of HMB-movement here, in authentic camp in town of Trogir. Justin Harris, fighter of […]
11 Jun 2014 20:47
Laurent Bemtgen, Luxemburg: “I am really looking forward to “Battle of the Nations”! It will be very promising!”
We are a very small country and team, still one of the smallest at Battle of the Nations. We gained a good experience last year, but had to replace some fighters this year. It means we have novices in our team. We intensified our training to get everyone prepared as much as possible. We got […]
10 Jun 2014 11:26
Igor Cosic, Serbia: “We lacked fighters, armor, money, but we didn’t reject the idea…”
Our country has a great military tradition and it is natural for us to join BotN family. Of course, it wasn`t as easy as it may sound. Our national team consists of fighters from several different clubs, and as any nation we have some discords… It was one of our major problems, but luckily we`ve […]
10 Jun 2014 11:21



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