Vitaliy Tkachenko: “Guys, I am impressed of your strong spirit and bravery”

14 Jun 2014 15:00

Ukrainian Vitaliy Tkachenko is one of the “Four of Trogir Pioneers”- the fighters who first fought on the land that now is hosting the World Championship in Historical Medieval Battle.

It was in February – 2014… But May broke his plans: pitiful injury on the training. The gypsum and crutches are not an excuse to be depressed, give up and turn from the right way. Tkachenko has managed to come to the “Battle of the Nations” – 2014 in Trogir. Of course, not as a fighter of the National Team, but as a guest of the festival.

Vitaliy flatly refuses to talk about himself. Besides innate charm and strength, this Ukrainian has inborn modesty as well. So he is speechless about himself, but as for others…

“I believe we have a great opportunity to feel that epoch, the epoch of the Middle Ages. Try ourselves, feel all the beauty of the camp life. And the weather in Trogir has contributed greatly: instead of the heat the shower of rain has arrived. Also, I know from my own experience, accumulated tiredness is a hard thing. Nevertheless, I haven’t seen anybody who was complaining, and trying to pack their bags. Guys, I am impressed by your strong spirit and bravery! Fighters stay fighters in any weather and under any conditions, and you have proved it! Respect! Fingers crossed, I will take part in the “Battle of the Nations” next year!” says Vitaliy Tkachenko .

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania