Battle of the Nations 2022 is officially cancelled

01 Mar 2022 13:28
On Saturday evening the letter with the Termination of Collaborative project Agreement of Intent on hosting Battle of the Nations 2022 was sent to the HMBIA office by the “Visit Oradea” General Manager.

In response to that decision several meetings and calls were arranged in the attempt to keep this year’s World Championship possible, as the absence of the biggest HMB sport competition for more than 3 years leads to the fading of the sport skills and international experience exchange, which is an important part of the athletes development. But in the light of recent events and escalation of the conflict in Ukraine into a full scale war, it became clear that such an event cannot take place. We have to admit the sad fact that the Battle of the Nations 2022 is officially cancelled.

In addition, an extraordinary General Assembly will soon take place, where the affiliated countries will be able to decide on the measures to take to deal best with this unprecedented situation for our movement.
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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania