Lightbody, Australia: “Next year, we will fight against the experienced participants right from the first round!”
Unfortunately, I failed to attend Battle of the Nations-2014, but four my clubmates joined the National Team of Australia. Next year, I hope to bring two full 5-member teams to participate in BotN-2015. Now the Australians are in talks with representatives of the HMB movement of New Zealand concerning formation of a mixed team to […]
25 Sep 2014 21:17
“Iron Tower”. One of the three pillars of Italian HMB sport
  HMB clubs “Iron Tower”, Italy (Tuscany) Established in 2014 Italian Tuscany is considered a paradise on our planet! It has stunning landscapes, nature reserves, a thriving wine industry and wonderful, amiable people. Among other merits of Tuscany is a HMB club called “Iron Tower”. Roberto Fontana, a fighter of Team Italy, member of the […]
24 Sep 2014 19:53
Who says it’s uncomfortable to rave in armor?!
(Weekend idea:)) A team of the United Kingdom had a good time in a «FUEL ROCK CLUB» in Cardiff. Taking part in a medieval fair «Caldicot Re-enactment Extravaganza» (Cardiff, Wales), Her Majesty’s subjects could not miss an opportunity to combine business with pleasure. Being in their right mind and full dress, the guys went to […]
19 Sep 2014 17:34
“Battle of the Nations” family has expanded!
The HMB movement is constantly growing and developing. During the five years of the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” existence, the lists welcomed more than thirty National Teams from different countries. And, as it turns out, it’s not the limit! At the moment, HMBIA knows about the appearance of several new National Teams. […]
19 Sep 2014 17:01
Are there any tricks in HMB for a quick after-wound rehabilitation?
– Frequently Asked Questions: A fighter can be wounded at HMB tournaments. As well as during a training session. In Historical Medieval Battle, as in any other sport (including figure skating), injuries and wounds are a part (an integral part!) of objective reality. There’s no getting away from the issue. Concerning the question… Everything is […]
19 Sep 2014 11:12
International HMB Championship “Call of Heroes II” (Ukraine)
September 20-21, 2014 “Kievan Rus” Park Kyiv region, Ukraine The most titled fighters of the world will gather at the “Call of Heroes” this weekend. And all the fans of historical medieval full contact battles in armor will be able to join the event, since historical medieval battle is not only a fascinating spectacle, but […]
18 Sep 2014 12:16
Loborec, Croatia: “We know that we can always count on the help of our friends”
We were greatly supported at the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations-2014 by the mayor’s office of my home town of Sveti Ivan Zelina, and personally the head of Zagorje district! The sum was not big, but it was enough to cover the cost of logistics for the trip to Trogir. Our support team, […]
17 Sep 2014 16:28
Brad Schaive, USA: “Our tournament will gather a lot of men from the Team USA and many other skilled fighters!”
On October 17-18, 2014 the United States (Springfield, Illinois) will host an International Tournament of Chivalry «ITOC». It is a large and well-known (in the HMB movement) tournament. This year, on October 17, participants will be able to take part in a workshop where the best fighters from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus will share their […]
17 Sep 2014 15:23
Concerning the battle line
“Why do they form no line?..” – Frequently Asked Questions Observing battles of the “21 vs 21″ category, some spectators wonder why fighters form no battle line, but move around the lists chaotically… Probably, they are unable to do that, or do not want, or, probably, the line is a prohibited formation? We want to […]
17 Sep 2014 12:21
Valentyn Kalyn, Ukraine: “Only people who have never participated in buhurts can dislike them!”
People of the HMB movement  Valentyn Kalyn, HMB fighter, certified HMBIA marshal      …concerning mass buhurts   I participated in a mass bugurt in 2006 for the first time, when I was only eighteen. The fighting took place near Vyborg Castle (St. Petersburg region, Vyborg). I knew that was an old fortress of the […]
16 Sep 2014 17:00
Fayre Times Festival II (UK)
September 20th – September 21st 2014 The Royal Gunpowder Mills, Waltham Abbey, Essex, UK (London & South East England) The Fayre Times Festival is now in its second year. Our festival is a lot like the American Renaissance Fayre, combined with elements of events such as Castlefest and Elf Fantasy Fayre. It has been designed […]
16 Sep 2014 11:37
International Military History Festival “Kulikovo Field” (Russia)
September 18-21, 2014 Tatinki village, Tula Region, Russia “Tatinki Fords” “Kulikovo Field” festival is the brightest event of the military history movement in Russia, dedicated to Rus and the Golden Horde of the XIII-XIVth centuries. The festival is held annually on the eve of the anniversary of the Battle of Kulikovo, on the banks of […]
15 Sep 2014 12:47
How to elect a Captain of National Team?
What makes a good Team Captain article inspired us to write this material. Captain of National Team is an elected position, which means that all responsibility is on fighters, members of a national team. After 5-years’ experience of organizing World Championships of HMB Battle of the Nations and co-operation with teams, captains and fighters, we […]
15 Sep 2014 12:45
Smith, Australia: “It was nice to compete with more experienced teams!”
The HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations-2014 was a wonderful experience for the Australian National Team. We went to the Championship after a “crash course” of fights, which we had taken during participation in the Austrian Cup. That tournament was a great opportunity for us to become a real team, to find out what […]
15 Sep 2014 10:41
“5 vs 5″ battles. Arms
The most common weapons for “5 vs 5″ – Information for novices: In addition to personal preferences of every fighter, we can mention certain trends concerning arms for “5 vs 5″ battles. Most often, fighters choose falchion. Their argument is that it’s “simple and reliable”. Also, it’s a chopper. (Thrusts are banned in HMB). Sometimes, […]
12 Sep 2014 16:47
T-shirts Battle of the Nations are back on sale!
The Fifth Anniversary World Championship “Battle of the Nations” 2014 became a part of history but organizers are still receiving requests concerning merchandise. The most popular are T-Shirts. We are always trying to take into account your wishes. This is why we re-design and announce additional sale of the T-shirts series “Battle of the Nations.” […]
12 Sep 2014 12:52



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