Svetlana Fedorova (Russia): “HMB- that`s what I really need …”
She is successful, beautiful and passionate. And she also shows incredible results in the HMB-Championships. She is the captain of the female team for fighting “3vs3″, a fighter of the National Team of Russia, a faithful friend, a loving wife and just a very interesting person. She is Svetlana Fedorova from the club “The Western […]
17 Oct 2017 12:53
Elections of HMBIA Vice-president
Along with the presidential elections of HMBIA in December 2017 the election of vice-president will be held. President and Vice-president will share a vision of HMB-movement development and turn it into life. That’s why the candidate for such a considerable position should have numerous skills which will let him to manage the important tasks of […]
16 Oct 2017 17:45
“KSR” HMB-club from Poland: trainings-fights-trainings…
HMBIA News continue to tell you about HMB-clubs all over the world. Its important part of HMB-movement and interesting theme to talk about. Today we want to write about “KSR” HMB-club from Poland. We had a little conversation with Krzysztof Olczak – member of the “KSR” club and wellknown experienced fighter. And that`s what our […]
16 Oct 2017 13:01
The biggest tournament in Germany “Berlepsch Cup”
Berlepsch Cup has been held on 30.09-01.10 in Germany. The event remembered for participants as a spectacular international level tournament with a high-quality organization. This year teams from Swiss, Italy, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Denmark, Netherlands and UK visited the tournament. Comparing with previous year the number of teams almost doubled: last year there were 9 […]
14 Oct 2017 18:35
Marshals Summit in Argentina: results and impressions
There 2 new ?ertificated international marshals more in Argentina! That`s the results of first Marshal Summit in Latin America that Argentina held in the end of September. 14 people from Argentina, Mexico and Brasil passed the examinations to become international marshals. 2 Argentinian marshals passed it – Nicolas Garcia and Adrian Carreras got certifications. So […]
13 Oct 2017 16:57
“Copa HMB Argentina” – 2017: how was it
That is one of the biggest events in Argentina with the International status. 2017 is the third year in its history. This time Mexico, Chile, Brasil and Argentina tried to find out who is the strongest! “Valherjes” club from Argentina got most of the tournament`s cups. As we already wrote, one of the prices on […]
13 Oct 2017 12:13
Elections of HMBIA President
Elections of new HMBIA President will be held on December 2017. Candidates for presidency nomination should be ready for the key mission to run an international organization. To take up a responsible presidency should a skillful and vibrant leader, falling in love with his business. That’s why contenders have to comply with basic requirements for […]
12 Oct 2017 19:33
ITOC tournament is the first one in The Buhurt League series!
Large-scale ITOC tournament, that will take place in USA, will become the first one in Buhurt League series! We are only 3 days away from competition that will operate in the new format. The tournament is one of the biggest and strongest HMB-combats in USA. That became a reason for HMBIA head-office to grant it […]
11 Oct 2017 15:51
“I was impressed by the organization of the event” – participants about Assembly
Participants of General Assembly highly evaluated efforts of organizers to make a meeting as much comfortable and productive as possible. The totally new format – division into working groups – was fully reasonable. Dmitry Kunchenko, the captain of “Russia 1” team, shared his impressions about pass Assembly: “Firstly, I liked a lot the level of […]
10 Oct 2017 17:58
Marshals Committee new rules and regulations
Marshals section of General Assembly in Rome has done a huge work on rules and regulations improvements. Because the main task for Marshals is to provide the clearest, most interesting and safest playground for all participants. Current problems have been discussed and thoroughly studied and a number of innovations were adopted at the meeting. Most […]
10 Oct 2017 12:35
“Battle of the Nations” – 2018: tournament innovations
During the work of the HMBIA General Assembly , many questions were raised regarding the development of the HMB-movement in principle and about the HMB-sport in particular, but one of the most important news of the Assembly was the announcement of the date and venue of the HMB World Championship “Battle of Nations”-2018. As already […]
09 Oct 2017 13:00
HMBIA General Assembly: a new stage of НМВ soft development
During the work of the HMBIA General Assembly in Rome, representatives of the participating countries of the HMB movement paid special attention to the HMB Soft. This is an important part of the sport – as an independent direction, preparing children for full-contact fights in the armor, and part of the training process of adult […]
07 Oct 2017 18:21
Junior HMB Soft World Championship in Prague: conditions for participation
As it was announced earlier, Prague will host the first Junior World Championship in HMB Soft among schools and clubs on 25th November 2017. The event aroused a huge interest in HMB-movement. We got a lot of requests regarding participants of the Championship and made a decision to introduce additional female categories (12-13, 14-15, 16-17 […]
05 Oct 2017 17:57
HMBIA General Assembly: National Federations global network
During the work of HMBIA General Assembly participants made a number of important decisions linked to HMB sport and its growth worldwide. One of such decisions was to admit National Federations as representatives of HMB international Association in each country. Local Federations become an important part of HMB-movement development process. They share the same missions […]
05 Oct 2017 15:23
Hurry up for “Medieval World tournament” in Brazil!
The tournament will take place on November 10 and 11, in San Paulo, Brazil. The organizers prepared a wide program. Variety of categories for our iron fighters and spectacular show and festival attractions for the public. The event organized by “Mundo Medieval” and “Carnafolk”. All teams participating in this contest may take part in the […]
04 Oct 2017 12:24
HMBIA General Assembly: results from Rome
HMBIA General Assembly 2017 gathered the most active HMB-movement representatives and leaders on 30th September in Rome, Italy. This year the format of an annual meeting was changed. Four working groups were created for the event – Marshal’s, Tournament, HMB Soft and Captains sections. It helped to raise the efficiency of communication and resolution process. […]
03 Oct 2017 19:08



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