“I was impressed by the organization of the event” – participants about Assembly
Participants of General Assembly highly evaluated efforts of organizers to make a meeting as much comfortable and productive as possible. The totally new format – division into working groups – was fully reasonable. Dmitry Kunchenko, the captain of “Russia 1” team, shared his impressions about pass Assembly: “Firstly, I liked a lot the level of […]
10 Oct 2017 17:58
Marshals Committee new rules and regulations
Marshals section of General Assembly in Rome has done a huge work on rules and regulations improvements. Because the main task for Marshals is to provide the clearest, most interesting and safest playground for all participants. Current problems have been discussed and thoroughly studied and a number of innovations were adopted at the meeting. Most […]
10 Oct 2017 12:35
“Battle of the Nations” – 2018: tournament innovations
During the work of the HMBIA General Assembly , many questions were raised regarding the development of the HMB-movement in principle and about the HMB-sport in particular, but one of the most important news of the Assembly was the announcement of the date and venue of the HMB World Championship “Battle of Nations”-2018. As already […]
09 Oct 2017 13:00
HMBIA General Assembly: a new stage of НМВ soft development
During the work of the HMBIA General Assembly in Rome, representatives of the participating countries of the HMB movement paid special attention to the HMB Soft. This is an important part of the sport – as an independent direction, preparing children for full-contact fights in the armor, and part of the training process of adult […]
07 Oct 2017 18:21
Junior HMB Soft World Championship in Prague: conditions for participation
As it was announced earlier, Prague will host the first Junior World Championship in HMB Soft among schools and clubs on 25th November 2017. The event aroused a huge interest in HMB-movement. We got a lot of requests regarding participants of the Championship and made a decision to introduce additional female categories (12-13, 14-15, 16-17 […]
05 Oct 2017 17:57
HMBIA General Assembly: National Federations global network
During the work of HMBIA General Assembly participants made a number of important decisions linked to HMB sport and its growth worldwide. One of such decisions was to admit National Federations as representatives of HMB international Association in each country. Local Federations become an important part of HMB-movement development process. They share the same missions […]
05 Oct 2017 15:23
Hurry up for “Medieval World tournament” in Brazil!
The tournament will take place on November 10 and 11, in San Paulo, Brazil. The organizers prepared a wide program. Variety of categories for our iron fighters and spectacular show and festival attractions for the public. The event organized by “Mundo Medieval” and “Carnafolk”. All teams participating in this contest may take part in the […]
04 Oct 2017 12:24
HMBIA General Assembly: results from Rome
HMBIA General Assembly 2017 gathered the most active HMB-movement representatives and leaders on 30th September in Rome, Italy. This year the format of an annual meeting was changed. Four working groups were created for the event – Marshal’s, Tournament, HMB Soft and Captains sections. It helped to raise the efficiency of communication and resolution process. […]
03 Oct 2017 19:08
The Buhurt league is the future of HMB movement!
Important news! We would like to announce our new project – Buhurt league! In several words, it is the buhurt championship for teams and clubs that are to be held seasonally. It unites the number of different level of HMB tournaments in 5vs5. Additionally, 3vs3 and 4vs4 could be allowed for smaller tournaments. The season […]
30 Sep 2017 14:31
“HMC Cup” is calling for combat
On 21-22th of October in Italy will be the first part of the “HMC Cup” tournament. It will take place in Torino city. The “HMC Cup” is composed by four dates, which will be held in: Torino – 21-22 October 2017 Livorno – 9-10 December 2017 Urbino – 3-4 February 2017 on Sicily – 3-4 […]
29 Sep 2017 17:03
Country in numbers – great story of the Netherlands!
HMB-community in Netherlands is super-active! From the morning of September 27, the official HMB federation appeared in the country! And now is the best time to tell their fascinating story. All members who participate in this process, are inspired by this hobby, working hard and realizing ambitious plans one by one! At first let’s take […]
28 Sep 2017 20:42
Seminar in Tallinn: painful, useful and interesting …
Alexey (Bru) Nayderov from Russia made Estonian fighters to work hard this weekend (September 23-24). Estonians from “Nordburg” HMB-club and it`s captain Nikolai Bykov, invited Alexey to provide the seminar for them. The main theme of this meeting was the art of fight with a halberd. Alexey came and they start to fight! Estonians were […]
27 Sep 2017 12:24
Berlepsch cup will be held under the walls of fabulous Medieval castle
For the Berlepsch HMB-tournament was choosing a fabulous place – Medieval Berlepsch Castle from 14th century. Berlepsch is right in the middle of Germany, so it’s perfect for combaters from neighbor country to come and meet some other fighters for a lower distance than normally. The castle is one of the outstanding cultural historical buildings […]
26 Sep 2017 18:02
Are you ready for buhurts on Berlepsch Cup 2017?
Berlepsch Cup 2017 will be held in Germany on 30.09-01.10. This will be the fourth time for the tournament and organizers are keeping it growing. Teams from Swiss, Italy, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Denmark, Netherlands and UK Fighters have already agreed to participate. Do you want to join this cool company? To apply for participation please […]
26 Sep 2017 12:25
“Valois Tournament”-2017: how it was …
Autumn in France started with an interesting tournament that brought together experienced fighters under the walls of the castle of the 14th century. The organizers of the tournament, the French club “Exactor Mortis”, tried their best – their first tournament went smoothly and will be remembered by many. The fights here were tough and principled, […]
25 Sep 2017 11:32
Brazil has great potential for the development of the HMB-movement, and here is why!
Brazil is the youngest country in HMBIA. It joined to Association only this, 2017, year. It’s extremely interesting to find out, how is it – to be at the beginning of the breathtaking way. We talked with Filipe Canabrava, the Capitan of the National team of Brazil, about tasks, problems and features of HMB-movement in […]
20 Sep 2017 18:09



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