Marshals Committee new rules and regulations

10 Oct 2017 12:35
Marshals section of General Assembly in Rome has done a huge work on rules and regulations improvements. Because the main task for Marshals is to provide the clearest, most interesting and safest playground for all participants.

Current problems have been discussed and thoroughly studied and a number of innovations were adopted at the meeting.

Most of the time has been devoted to the changes to buhurt regulations. The Supervisor of HMBIA Marshals committee Sergey Miasishchev told about it in details:

“We added clarifications to the existing “buhurt regulation” during the meeting. It makes them clearer for both marshals (especially for ones who recently joined our movement) and fighters”.

According to the new rules, in “21 vs 21” category, to the safety zone will be allowed 3 people from each team. It is recommended that one of them also could carry a flag. The first tournament, where new regulations will be applied, will be the “Dynamo Cup”.

The start of the fight and fighters count procedures also have been described in details. The rules about fighting with polearm have been changed. Time-out cards have been implemented. And there is a plan to publish the best practice handbook for marshals.

The most intensive discussion of the meeting in Rome was caused by the possibility to substitute marshals for the fight of a certain team by captain’s claim. The procedure has been discussed as delicately as possible. In the end, a compromise solution was found: marshal can be substituted only once during the tournament and only for fights of team-claimer. To do this, a special form is to be filled with indicating the reason for the substitution. All the participants of the discussion were satisfied by this rule.

At the same time Marshals committee and organizers of tournaments will start to collect statistic about substitutions to understand why has it happened, how often, who and for whom made the substitution.

The full set of innovations could be released close to the end of October 2017.

Sergey explained the reasons why existed rules and regulations need to be revised and supplemented regularly:

“There is not only a static text but codes. They need to be reformed and refined regularly according to the general trends in developing HMB.

Our decisions lead not to some radical changes, but to the upgrading of events quality. I’m sure the refined regulations will become more convenient tool for marshal’s work from one hand and clearer information stuff for fighters from other hand”.

Detailed rules specification is a painstaking, but necessary work for improving the quality of marshaling, and that will have affect positively to HMB development as a sports discipline. Therefore, Marshals’ committee has plans for 2018 to continue clarification of the rules and regulations, raising the qualified marshals, and for this purpose it is planned to hold a number of special seminars. To take an active part in refereeing at the competitions in HMB Soft is also in plan-list of Marshall Corps.


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