Michael Morgulis shared his impressions about ITOC

23 Oct 2017 18:35
“High-class spectacular fights by the Buhurt League system which will help HMB to become a really beautiful sport”, – brief summary from Michael Morgulis, the captain of “Israel” team about his impressions of ITOC tournament.
Michael told in detail about the current tournament:

“On the first day inexperience has been visible, but on the second day everything has been improved. If we speak about fights, the buhurts have been really great. All fighters were the same level and that is the reason why there were not obvious favorites, apart from Iron Phoenix. They have moved on the victory direction very-very confidently. All battles were interesting because of no big difference between fighters.

Also, the female categories have made me pleasure. It was pretty dynamic this time. It was a good intensity of emotions”.

Participants emphasized a numerous of positive things on the tournament. Among them – a good resting zone for fighters: food and drinks always have been available. The marshaling for this time also made participants be glad. Michael pointed to professional work of Knight Marshal Vitaly Makaryan, who taught on practice American marshals. They gain the experience and it is so good!

“Israel” team took the 2nd place in the overall ranking. Despite Michael couldn’t take part in combats because of received the trauma in the eve, he is satisfied with his fighters:

“Guys showed themselves very worthy. Of course, it was visible from the aside who need more training, who skipped training. But in general, it was very good, very worthy performance. The legionaries helped us a lot, we had 2 of them from USA and 1 from Mexico. Ira Rogozovskaya became a star of our team this time!

We took the 2nd place, but we understand that we need to train more and more”.

Michael Morgulis took an active part in HMB movement since the 2012. He watched how the tournament’s rules became more and more clear. Therefore, he welcomes appearance of the Buhurt League, understands its strategic importance for HMB sports, although to his team this tournament did not bring any points:

“We should participate in the European League, so ITOC did not bring us points. But in general, this is the right strategy: to make group fights so teams have ranks; everyone who wants to fight can go and fight.

I liked the fixed and clear rules unification, although everywhere could be some faults that need to be smoothed out. But I think time will show everything. The possibility of substitution of marshals is a very cool thing. And there became little fewer injuries.

As an organizer of tournaments in Israel, I understand why this is done. The HMB should looks cool. We have to become a really beautiful sport, without delays, so it would be interesting to the public.

Let’s hope that the Buhurt League will bring a lot of useful things to our sport”.

HMBIA News also joins Michael’s expectations and thanks him for an informative conversation.


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