ITOC tournament is the first one in The Buhurt League series!

11 Oct 2017 15:51

Large-scale ITOC tournament, that will take place in USA, will become the first one in Buhurt League series! We are only 3 days away from competition that will operate in the new format.

The tournament is one of the biggest and strongest HMB-combats in USA. That became a reason for HMBIA head-office to grant it by high Buhurt Masters class. It is expected that around 12 teams from all over the world will visit the event. They will compete in one of the categories: duels 1v1 or buhurt 5vs5. We should expect stiff combat as teams from Europe and the many states of the USA will be in attendance.

We would like to remind that ITOC will be held on 13-14 of October at BoS Center in Springfield, IL (Formerly known as the Prairie Capital Convention Center), USA.

The Buhurt League series will start from the ITOC, and it is mean we surely can expect numerous of spectacular competitions in a new brand format that will give equal chances to win for all teams.

To participate in the League, a team needs to be registered in the Buhurt League by filling out following application.

If you are an organizer and want your tournament to be included in the League, you can apply for the registration of the tournament by filling out following application.

HMBIA is sure that ITOC will bring many spectacular battles as well as will show how Buhurt League works in practice.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania