Czech Republic forms the National team
On the 10th of February last round of the Czech national eliminations for the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2018 is going to happen. The tournament is a part of the Buhurt League system so it will be held according to the common HMBIA standards and rules for all countries. Tomáš Gajdošík told HMBIA […]
05 Feb 2018 19:34
Are you already planning a trip to the World Championship “Battle of the Nations” – 2018 in Rome? No doubt, it is the brightest event in the HMB world, held in the city, where the active energy and graceful architecture are intertwined. We have prepared some tips that will help you feel comfortable in the […]
04 Feb 2018 21:22
HMB Soft in details: workshop in Minsk
On the 10-th of February Minsk will held the HMB Soft workshop headed by Ali Askerov, the head of HMB-Soft-Russia and HMB Soft marshal. The program of the seminar is: – ?ethods of the training process and preparation for the realities of HMB Soft tournaments; – Marshal`s and administrative aspects in holding HMB Soft tournaments; […]
03 Feb 2018 17:38
Country in numbers – the story of Serbia
Today HMBIA News is going to tell you about the development of HMB sport in Serbia. It`s not a big country, but they loves our sport and do all that is possible to improve themselves and HMB-movement in general, to become better and better each year and we have a lot to learn from them. […]
02 Feb 2018 14:29
Molodetskaya Udal-2018: results
One of the qualifying stages of forming the National Team of Russia for the World Championship of HMB “Battle of the Nations” -2018 in Rome has come to the end. On the 27-28 of January Ekaterinburg held the regional HMB Russia tournament of the 1 league called “Molodetkaya Udal” -2018. The tournament is a part […]
31 Jan 2018 18:40
2nd Torneio HMB in Brazil is coming soon
On the 4-th of February Campinas city will held one more HMB tournament. It will be local “Liga Tropical” event, but it`s important part of qualifying stages for the process of forminf the National team of Brazil for HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2018 in Rome. There will be such duel categories as: “Longsword” […]
30 Jan 2018 18:44
Warsaw welcomed Sergey Ukolov
On the 27-th of January Warsaw (Poland) held Sergey Ukolov`s workshop at “Centrum Dawnych Sztuk Walk”. There gathered 25 participants from whole Poland to learn from one of the most experienced and skilled HMB duelist ever. Robert Szatecki, owner and main trainer at “Centrum Dawnych Sztuk Walk” and famous duelist as well told HMBIA News […]
29 Jan 2018 17:47
Regulations of the new female category
In the standings of the World Championship in HMB Battle of the Nations a new category appeared – female “5 vs 5″. Countries can have one 5vs5 female national team, made from 5 to 8 fighters from the same citizenship or with permanent residency in the country. Female fighters from different citizenships can form a […]
28 Jan 2018 22:50
No doubt, you have heard there is nothing better than Italian cuisine a million times. And, of course, you already know about all kinds of pasta with different sauces, pizza cooked in the oven, and homemade ice-cream with different colors and flavors. You know about Italian cheese, wine, cakes and coffee. In a word, you […]
28 Jan 2018 16:32
“HMBHMB” – just use your imagination!
You will be surprised, but between all tough armored guys and serious marshals you can meet creative natures and professional musicians. HMBIA News wants to create some imaginary situation – what if some of them played together. We asked 4 people: Daniel Felipe – the head of orgteam from Mundo Medieval events (Brazil), Ana Laura […]
27 Jan 2018 20:07
Nicolas Di Gaetano from Argentina – the fighter and the sculptor
Look at this little guys! They looks like argentinian team “Valherjes”, isn`t it? Nicolas Di Gaetano, fighter of “CECM” HMB-club made this miniatures of cold porcelain, which makes it an easy to mold material. He told us more details about this.   Nicolas Di Gaetano: “When I was a little boy I used to make […]
26 Jan 2018 21:04
The next stage of qualifying tournaments in Russia has come to the end
On the 20-th of January, the official regional tournament of 1 league “5 vs 5″ HMB Russia in Moscow took place. The tournament has been included to The Buhurt League system, which means that it will be held according to the standards and rules of historical medieval battles, which are common for all countries. The […]
25 Jan 2018 19:54
Goddess of fortune for HMB German
Today you have the opportunity to find out about German HMB-club called “Decima”. It was formed in October 2014 in very unusual circumstances. Denise Töpfer – a fighter of this club from Bremen told HMBIA News about it: “Decima” is a club, spontaneous formed from random fighters by their former captain York Lewin. He chose […]
22 Jan 2018 17:55
Eric Cortis: “every single day I improve….”
Australian fighter Eric Cortis is so young, he is 19 years old, but he is strong and was part of the National team of Australia in 2017. Eric began his way in HMB at the age of 17 and he has been fighting for two years. The captain gave him some spare armour to fight […]
21 Jan 2018 18:33
Brazil forms the National team
The 14th of January São Paulo (Brazil) held the “Medievals Carriage´s Tournament”. It was qualifications event to form the National team of Brazil for World Championship of HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2018. HMBIA News decided to find out more about it and asked Daniel Felipe – the head of orgteam from Mundo Medieval events company […]
20 Jan 2018 17:05
Country in Numbers – story of Kyrgyzstan
HMB movement in Kyrgyzstan is developing, athletes participate and organize tournaments in close cooperation with the nearest neighboring countries, such as Kazakhstan and Russia. HMBIA News decided to tell more about the successes and growth of the HMB in this country. We talked with captain of the HMB-club “Batyr” (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan) Nikolai Potryasov. – When […]
19 Jan 2018 15:54



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