Nicolas Di Gaetano from Argentina – the fighter and the sculptor

26 Jan 2018 21:04

Look at this little guys! They looks like argentinian team “Valherjes”, isn`t it? Nicolas Di Gaetano, fighter of “CECM” HMB-club made this miniatures of cold porcelain, which makes it an easy to mold material. He told us more details about this.
Nicolas Di Gaetano:
“When I was a little boy I used to make figurines of different characters from tv series or video games, so I couldn’t miss the opportunity of taking this hobby to the HMB world, which has fascinated me for a few years. I’ve been a fighter for a few years, I fight for C.E.C.M since I started practicing the sport. We participated together in national tournaments, “Dynamo Cup”-2015-2016 and even in “Battle of the Nations”-2015-2016″.
According to Nicolas, the miniatures are from real fighters, he copied their armour type, the helmets, overcoats, gambeson colour and, in some cases, a typical pose of the fighter. He started out doing the most recognized fighter of each of the 9 teams from Argentina.

Nicolas Di Gaetano:
“I posted it on Facebook and the people liked it, not just the fighters I represented, but the whole medieval community, it made me think “why not complete the teams?”. So I ended up doing the 48 miniatures based on the main fighters of each team, one of our most recognized marshalls, and the chief of our historicity committee, which caused a lot of amusement among the fighters”.

Nicolas Di Gaetano have already done such teams as:
C.E.C.M, Valherjes, Lobo Negro, Pecari, Acero y Sangre, Dragones Atlánticos, Draconen Clan, Ghoakan, Cohalicion.

Nicolas Di Gaetano:
“Argentinian teams that I’ve been fighting since I joined the sport, it’s a form of tribute to my teammates and rivals, that will decorate my room for ever. But I was planning on doing a lot more, I had started doing fighters from the female teams before quitting the project. A canadian team contacted me and asked for some miniatures, but because of time issues we never arranged”.

So let`s wait for the new miniatures. HMBIA News hopes that new owners will show their figurines to whole HMB-community. We thank Nicolas Di Gaetano for the interview and wish him inspiration and good fights.


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