Warsaw welcomed Sergey Ukolov

29 Jan 2018 17:47

On the 27-th of January Warsaw (Poland) held Sergey Ukolov`s workshop at “Centrum Dawnych Sztuk Walk”. There gathered 25 participants from whole Poland to learn from one of the most experienced and skilled HMB duelist ever. Robert Szatecki, owner and main trainer at “Centrum Dawnych Sztuk Walk” and famous duelist as well told HMBIA News about this event.

Robert Szatecki:
“For many people Sergey Ukolov is the greatest sports knight champion. He also have very unical style of fighting, very different from how polish athlets fight. That is why we decide to invite him. What is interesting seminar was conducted in polish language because his wife speaks polish”.

According to Robert, during 8 hour of seminar Sergey showed basics of his style and gave to participants the chance of take a short fight with a champion.

Robert Szatecki:
“I am sure for most of them this fight will be a wonderful memory and the inspiration for further training”.

Robert also told that in the nearest future they are planning to organize the second seminar with Sergey. But this time in English.


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