Goddess of fortune for HMB German

22 Jan 2018 17:55
Today you have the opportunity to find out about German HMB-club called “Decima”. It was formed in October 2014 in very unusual circumstances. Denise Töpfer – a fighter of this club from Bremen told HMBIA News about it: “Decima” is a club, spontaneous formed from random fighters by their former captain York Lewin. He chose the name”Decima”; it’s the roman goddess of fortune, the measurer of the life thread and determines someones`s destiny”.

What do you think about it? We think that it was destiny – to gather random fighter and as the results got the real team of like-minded people that are willing to fight together and to win!

But let`s continue! Now they have about 18 active fighters and a handful of lovely supporters, divided into two big training grounds: one in the north and one in the southwest of Germany, where they train together once a week with the team and during the week in gyms, fighting clubs and other training grounds.

Keno Töpfer is the current captain since autumn 2015. As the team progressed through the German tournament without a lost fight, a new team was officially built. It was hard to find a good training interval as a part of them is living 600km away from each other. But these people really wants to improve themselves.

Denise Töpfer:
“We always search for more knowledge about how to improve our training with regard to the HMB sport. If it’s better fitness training or learning from more experienced fighters. This is what we try to include in our training. We work together with owners of fighting gyms to offer seminars for swordfighting. Some of us were lately presented in local newspapers or TV shows where they advertise the sport and our club. Our club was officially established this year to improve our organization and collaboration with official events in Germany”.

However, trainings is only touchpoint for these guys. Apart from that they use to spend much time together. Some of club mates take seminars together to improve their knowledge about fitness training and a body itself. Also they often spend spare time together and like this so much.

Denise Töpfer:
“We went together to Ukraine this year or we’re partying together for birthdays, Christmas or New Year’s Eve”.

As we can see, these guys from “Decima” is a real team and they wants to prove themselves and trying to do this as often as possible. Let`s wish them great fights, great victories and great parties. Our editorial office can`t wait to see them on the lists of the World Championship of HMB “Battle of the Nations” – 2018 in Rome.

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania