Woman-marshal at “Battle of the Nations”
We already have the first female trainee marshal. And this is Jemma Kirtan from the UK, who is training judged female fights in ”1 vs 1” category this year at “Battle of the Nations”. And this is what she will be doing next year. I met her in our camp, and she told me interesting […]
13 Jun 2014 15:47
Battle of the Nations-2014. Day 1. Results
Results in woman nomination «1 vs 1» Group “A” 1st place – Russia Fighter 1 2nd place – Poland Fighter 3 3rd place – Argentina Fighter 1 4th place – Friesland Fighter 2 5th place – Ukraine Fighter 3 Group “B” 1st place – Russia Fighter 2 2nd place – Ukraine Fighter 1 3rd place […]
13 Jun 2014 10:34
“Battle of the Nations”-2014 is ready to go!
Tomorrow is the first day of the Fifth World Championship “Battle of the Nations”. And we are ready! The camp is on the coast. National teams are here. Trogir is waiting. And this is what I have heard from the people of HMB-movement here, in authentic camp in town of Trogir. Justin Harris, fighter of […]
11 Jun 2014 20:47
Laurent Bemtgen, Luxemburg: “I am really looking forward to “Battle of the Nations”! It will be very promising!”
We are a very small country and team, still one of the smallest at Battle of the Nations. We gained a good experience last year, but had to replace some fighters this year. It means we have novices in our team. We intensified our training to get everyone prepared as much as possible. We got […]
10 Jun 2014 11:26
Igor Cosic, Serbia: “We lacked fighters, armor, money, but we didn’t reject the idea…”
Our country has a great military tradition and it is natural for us to join BotN family. Of course, it wasn`t as easy as it may sound. Our national team consists of fighters from several different clubs, and as any nation we have some discords… It was one of our major problems, but luckily we`ve […]
10 Jun 2014 11:21
Anton Trubnikov, Ukraine: “We always set maximum tasks!”
Team Ukraine will have a renewed composition this year. The team has got a “new blood” (it is a natural process in any sport). The National Team includes representatives of almost all the major cities of Ukraine, namely fighters from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Poltava, Zaporizhia, Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk. This year the competition for a place in the […]
10 Jun 2014 10:31
David Nickel, Germany: “We are strong as a team”
We have a good team, all the members work well together. We have 10 strong fighters. We will participate in buhurt and triathlon categories. I think we are ready for this. We are not participating in women’s category this year, ‘cause we don’t have any female fighters. It is a great honor to be captain […]
09 Jun 2014 15:19
Brand Lancaster, USA: “This is a huge movement, where every self-respecting medieval reenactment fighter should try himself”
Each fighter of our team understands the seriousness of the coming event. That’s why we had very hot trainings. I’ve been working with the guys for the last three months. And I will do my best to get some victories for them. We are participating in “1 vs 1” category, which will be representing by […]
09 Jun 2014 14:16
Josiph Pohl, Czech Republic: “We’re all looking forward to the royal category of “21 vs 21”
Although we advanced from our group at last year’s World Championship, the level of our fighters wasn’t good. After a year of training, enlistment of new fighters and getting experience we are now much better prepared than last year. We have a bigger team and we shall participate in every category, except for the female […]
09 Jun 2014 12:15
Matija Djanješić, Croatia: “Our goal is to pass the first round of battles and then continue as further as we can”
Although National team of Croatia is a new team, we have ten fighters. They are from several different associations. And they will represent the Republic of Croatia at the World Championship in Historical Medieval Battle. Although we were time-limited, we started with serious trainings and preparations. All of us trained individually at home. Once or […]
09 Jun 2014 10:13
Michаel Tegge, Friesland: “We are proud, that we will represent frisians at the World Championship”
As we are a very young team in the HMB movement, most Frisian fighters are engaged in full-contact fights, actually sword fighting. So we had to equip the whole team with new heavy armor. What about our appearance. We will show how Frisian fighters looked in 14th century. As most of our buhurt fighters from […]
08 Jun 2014 13:07
Dmitry Trostin, Russia: “I think we’ve got something to show this year”
This year we have fifty people. Most of the fighters are from Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod. There are guys from Stavropol, Kaliningrad, Rostov-on- Don. These are major cities. We have one team that will participate in «21 vs 21», three full-fledged five-member units, three fighters who will participate in men’s triathlon category, and three women for […]
08 Jun 2014 09:09
Andy Di Francesco, Argentina: “One day we will be on the top”
We have a lot of new fully armored fighters who were training hard to be ready for this BotN. But Argentina still has economic problems, as it was in 2013… The tickets are almost 3 times more expensive than last year… Only 5 fighters can afford themselves to go to Croatia… So, we’ll have the […]
07 Jun 2014 14:04
Oleg Sergeev, Moldova: “Our task is not to give up and fight to the end!”
Unfortunately, we had very little time, due to a variety of organizational reasons, for team formation, that’s why the composition is not full. We expected to gather 8 fighters, but since we had only 22 days, we were able to find only four men. Of course, it will severely affect our participation in “five vs […]
07 Jun 2014 11:58
Vladimir Maksimenko, Latvia: “We had a competition, a selection to the team. And it motivated us!”
Тhis year, the team will consist of eight men who’ll come to “Battle of the Nations”, almost all of them are experienced fighters, they participated in the Championship in the past. This time we will have one ethnic Latvian, Yanis. Local fighters do not like full contact sport much, they prefer studying history, reenactment without […]
07 Jun 2014 10:00
Schedule of the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2014
Schedule of the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2014 Day 1, 12/06/2014                         Central lists 11:00-14:00 – Official opening of the Championship: Parade of National Teams; 14:00-15:00 – Presentation of participants in nominations: “The Best Armour”, “The Best Female Medieval Costume”, “The Best Male Medieval Costume”; 15:00-19:30 – Category “Group Battles” 5 vs 5, […]
06 Jun 2014 19:23



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