Laurent Bemtgen, Luxemburg: “I am really looking forward to “Battle of the Nations”! It will be very promising!”

10 Jun 2014 11:26

We are a very small country and team, still one of the smallest at Battle of the Nations. We gained a good experience last year, but had to replace some fighters this year. It means we have novices in our team. We intensified our training to get everyone prepared as much as possible. We got all our armour in time (it was an issue last year).

Unfortunately, I cannot fight this year due to an injury. But I am sure the team will show its best on the lists. If not, I’ll make them train harder back at home.

We have only 5 fighters coming to Trogir. We are still trying to find more to take them to the Championship. In total, we have over 20 fighters at home (8 of them have complete sets of armor), but a lot of them can’t come due to personal reasons.

We will participate in “1 vs 1” with 3 fighters and “5 vs 5”, too. And probably, I will try “All vs All” together with some of my men. Last year, we were quite strong in “1 vs 1” and got the 12th place. I would say this year it will be our strength, too. As for me, I am very good at “1 vs 1”, but can fight in “5 vs 5” as well.

I’ll bring the best fighter who I can rely on to “Battle of the Nations”-2014. His name is Styg Nord. He has a certain combat experience, he fought against quite strong opponents from the USA. He is not so bad in “1 vs 1”, although still needs to learn to be faster. But this guy has the stamina and desire to win. He joined us last year after our international tournament in Saeul, Luxembourg and actively trained every day. He will also take the leading position in “5 vs 5”.

We wanted to enter women’s category but failed due to the dates being right next to university and school exams, so all our female fighters (we have a few of them) won’t come. We hope, next year there will be an opportunity for them to join the event (if the dates are different and exams are over).

I expect great fights, new friendships, a big event. I also hope the event will be even more authentic than last year. A part of my work is to help the national team to increase their historical correctness within the next years. I am really looking forward to “Battle of the Nations”! It will be very promising!


Laurent Bemtgen,
captain of the National Team of Luxemburg


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania