HMBIA invites to Junior Championship in Prague
We are happy to announce “Junior HMB World Championship” among HMB clubs and schools which will be held on 25th of November in Prague, Czech Republic. HMB Soft is a great kind of sport for children and teenagers. It develops both body and spirit, harmonically combines physical training with improving discipline. The tournament will be […]
01 Sep 2017 17:34
“Valois Tournament”: Russia-UK-France! You have to see it!
September,9 the “Valois Tournament” will take place in La Ferté Milon, Picardy, France.   Every participant could find the category he prefer more and tough opponent to fight with. There will be over 20 teams – among them, fighters from Russia (PLK and Partisan 2), UK, Canada, Spain… The fights will be held under HMB […]
30 Aug 2017 13:33
“Kening Striid”: very first Bohurt Tournament in the Netherlands
19-20 August Tytsjerk held the very first Bohurt Tournament in the Netherlands “Kening Striid”. It was a great start. The tournament became international from the begining and it is a tough news! Many categories, many participants, good prizes! But let`s speak about it in details. HMBIA News had an interview with Esther Veldstra – member […]
25 Aug 2017 17:31
Dear Friends,   We are proud to announce an annual HMBIA General Assembly! We invite everyone interested in worldwide HMB development to join this year’s meeting.   DATE: 30 of September, 2017 PLACE: Rome, Italy DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION: 31 of August, 2017 DRESS-CODE: Official Conditions of participation are as follows (covered by HMBIA): For Individual […]
31 Jul 2017 15:26
“Queensland Cup”-2017 in Australia: how it was…
“Queensland Cup” is one of the most important tournaments in Australia because it is the first national selection of the season. Well-known in HMB-movement Bryce Lightbody – captain of the team Australia this year, told a bit HMBIA News about this event.   There were 4 categories: 5vs5 buhurt Sword&Shield Longsword Polearm   Bryce Lightbody: […]
26 Jul 2017 16:44
Fresh HMB blood in Denmark
HMB-sport in Denmark have gotten fresh blood thanks to “Copenhagen Medieval Market”. That’s what Allan Schiller, HMB-fighter and member of the organizational team of the medieval festival KMM (Copenhagen Medieval Market), told HMBIA News. At the festival, the sport attracted a lot of new people who signed up to try the sport at CMFC (Copenhagen […]
18 Jul 2017 18:20
3 reasons to visit Ukraine for Burak Yarar (Turkey)
“Battle of the Nations”- 2017 became the first such a high levelled competition for the National team of Turkey. And since that time they want to improve their skills as much as possible. Burak Yarar, Turkish fighter visited Ukraine at the end of June and told HMBIA News about his trip in details. Burak Yarar: […]
10 Jul 2017 15:41
Allan Schiller (Denmark): “… we had a really good tournament”
“Copenhagen Medieval market” took place on June 2-5 in Denmark and now we can tell you about its results. HMBIA News had an interview with well-known person in HMB movement – Allan Schiller, a member of organizational team of that event. He told us about a lot of interesting things about the “Copenhagen Medieval market”. […]
15 Jun 2017 13:43
The BotN behind the cameras
It’s common for some people to say, – why all this effort for 5 minutes of fighting? Crossing an ocean, creating debt and sacrificing so much for something so brief. The truth is that these 5 minutes of fighting are often enough to make it possible to survive a year of criticism at work, discussions, […]
02 Jun 2017 10:55
“Copenhagen Medieval Market” starts tomorrow!
Everything is ready for the start of one of the oldest and famous HMB event in Denmark and in the HMB-world. From June 2nd to June 5th there will be “Copenhagen Medieval market” (Københavns Middelalder marked) aka KMM. The fair was held here for 11 years, but the tournament was first held in 2014. The […]
01 Jun 2017 20:33
Young sportsmen met the president of HMBIA
Young HMB-Soft sportsmen had a talk with Anton Trubnikov, the president of HMBIA, on the last day of Championship of the World in “HMB – 2017” in Barcelona. The meeting took place right over the “Arena Monumental” lists. Guys were curious as to how Mr. Trubnikov sees the future of HMB-Soft.   During the conversation […]
01 Jun 2017 10:41
Girls from Argentina are waiting for “Battle of the Nations”-2018
Women in Argentina are going to crash all the opponents on the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2018. Girls from “Valherjes” HMB club train as often as possible. There was a mass meeting on May 14. Martina Ochoa, fighter of “Valherjes” HMB-club told HMBIA News in details about this event. Martina Ochoa: “We are […]
30 May 2017 13:42
“Alexander Nevsky Cup” in St. Petersburg: bright event on the city day
“Alexander Nevsky Cup” festival is to take place on 27 May in St. Petersburg (Russia). Organizers coupled such extraordinary event with the city day. Al Askerov – member of the organizational committee of the festival and head of HMB-Soft-Russia told HMBIA News what interesting activities await participants and spectators of the festival. According to Al, […]
26 May 2017 19:08
A golden couple: Galina Kohvakko and Alexei Petrik
The Russia’s Kohvakko-Petrik couple is famous among the HMB movement members. They travel a lot, take part in the tournaments and achieve many victories together. Championship of the world in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2017 was not an exception. The couple got two golden medals in the duel categories. Galina and Alexei won in the […]
20 May 2017 12:37
HMB-Soft on the “Battle of the Nations”-2017: master-class from the champions
Prizewinners of the Championship of the world in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2017 in the Triathlon nomination made master-class for the young HMB-Soft fighters. Ilia Ivanov (3 place) and Alexei Petrik (1 place) met no less titled young sportsmen Ilia Malyugin, gold winner of the Europe in 2017 (age category 16-17 y.o.), Michail Fatov, gold […]
20 May 2017 10:01
Regarding Marshaling of the Battle of the Nations 2017
Thirty-five Marshals were involved in refereeing BotN 2017, including 29 Marshals and 6 Knight Marshals. The number of yellow cards issued – 26, the number of red cards issued – 1. The number of appeal card received – 8, the number of appeals satisfied – 1. During the event, Marshals encountered a number of difficult […]
18 May 2017 08:53



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