“Copenhagen Medieval Market” starts tomorrow!

01 Jun 2017 20:33
Everything is ready for the start of one of the oldest and famous HMB event in Denmark and in the HMB-world. From June 2nd to June 5th there will be “Copenhagen Medieval market” (Københavns Middelalder marked) aka KMM. The fair was held here for 11 years, but the tournament was first held in 2014. The fair and tournament both are very popular among the audience. During the last 3 years, the event was visited by around 30,000 visitors each year. It is great statistics! Allan Schiller, organizer of the “Copenhagen Medieval market” told HMBIA News some info about this year event. 
Allan Schiller: “The programme is filled with all sorts of activities – in the small arena 12X20 square meters we will have Buhurts with the HMB regulations. We will have all HMB categories for the fighters – we will try, as last year, to see if Profights will attract more audience. It’s a pleasure for me to say that many nationalities will take part in KMM – New Zealand, Argentina, Mexico, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Ukraine, Denmark and hopefully many more. Also HMBIA have helped with the tournament in previous years with Marshal Seminars and fighters from Ukraine”.

As everybody in HMB-movement knows – every tournament is a great opportunity to get new experience in fights and strategy. So, Mr. Schiller has a big expectations concerning “Copenhagen Medieval market”.

Allan Schiller: “My expectations are that this year all the Danish teams will participate and we can raise the level of all fighters participating through a sharing of tactics and knowledge”.

Many people all around the world are waiting for the KMM. HMBIA editorial office is one of them. You can be sure that we will publish the results of the tournament and impressions of the participants, but for now we can wish all the fighters and orgteam of the “Copenhagen Medieval market” to have fun and tough fights in all the categories!


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania