Fresh HMB blood in Denmark

18 Jul 2017 18:20

HMB-sport in Denmark have gotten fresh blood thanks to “Copenhagen Medieval Market”. That’s what Allan Schiller, HMB-fighter and member of the organizational team of the medieval festival KMM (Copenhagen Medieval Market), told HMBIA News.

At the festival, the sport attracted a lot of new people who signed up to try the sport at CMFC (Copenhagen Medieval Fighting Club). Already the next Tuesday after the festival CMFC has recruited 4 new members to their club. As one of the new guys said “It´s an impressive sport! I always dreamed of fighting as a knight and now I can live this dream”.

Allan Schiller:
“We train them with the basic techniques. Usually, we have a two hours technical training each week. The First hour we do warm ups and drills, then we do the basics like training sword fighting and wrestling. This helps us to train our muscles but also train the muscle’s memory. When the first hour is over, we mix the new guys with the old guys and then we train in soft armor for about an hour. This helps the new guy to get more attuned into our fighting style and put them up against some strong opponents. Here we train group combat, teamwork and awareness on the field.

What about new blood in CMFC? Well, Allan is very satisfied with the new sportsmen.

Allan Schiller:
“This day We tested them in fights against old fighters, just to see how much we could push them and they were very exhausted”.

So, lets wish the new fighters in CMFC more training, and a lot of fights and victories.


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