The BotN behind the cameras

02 Jun 2017 10:55

It’s common for some people to say, – why all this effort for 5 minutes of fighting? Crossing an ocean, creating debt and sacrificing so much for something so brief. The truth is that these 5 minutes of fighting are often enough to make it possible to survive a year of criticism at work, discussions, major losses and challenges of the everyday life, but even so, anyone who goes there knows, Battle Of The Nations is much more than that.

In 2017 the 3 Estrellas camp was responsible for accommodating the fighters, within a few hours of their first day, nations settled and knew each other for the first time, an unknown place becomes home, historical rivalries are forgotten, any prejudice and hatred are left beside. Even without speaking the same language or with much difficulty to understand the new colleague everyone knows the sacrifices that were made, so they could be there and this empathy helps friendships arise without the challenges of day to day life.

In the meantime, everyone has a goal and after the relief of finally being there the warriors begin to arm themselves, the camp becomes a palace of legends where idols are formed and heroes see what it takes to put their name in history just a few steps away. The pieces of metal clash as they all move and carry kilos and more kilos of iron to stand before the eyes of the world.

And after all this the results, defeats or victories, in reality, they all don’t matter as long as you know that you gave your maximum, as long as you have learned something. The sense of accomplishment prevails and even those who are disappointed understand what happened and are cheered by their companions (that`s why we have the best parties).

Concluding, just accept, you need to participate in BOTN, and if you do not want to accept this advice, you will be the one who lose!

João Paulo Zerbinatti Soares,
Team Brazil
Exclusively for HMBIA news

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania