The first marshal summit in Latin America – don`t miss it!

07 Sep 2017 14:03

September, 22 Argentina will be held the first Marshal Summit in Latin America. Andy Di Francesco, member of the orgteam of Summit told HMBIA News about it. She also mentioned that people from Mexico and Brazil are planning to take part in it and to get the certification.

Andy Di Francesco:
“We have a lot of marshals here in Argentina that want to become international marshals too and I’m one of them. We have already 11 people that will come to the Marshal Summit.”

Georgy Yurchak, Knight Marshal of HMBIA from Latvia will exam all the participants.

Georgy Yurchak:
“There will be the theoretic part that will take over 4 hours with the exam and then future international marshal will have a practice during “Copa HMB Argentina 2017″ tournament. After passing all the tests and practic part marshals will get the certificates. Also one of the requirements for international marshals is the high level of English for passing the test and understanding the rules. If it does not exist, the candidate can not become an International marshal.”

Also Andy noticed that there will be SwordFit seminar with Sergey Ukolov from Russia. There are about 30 people registered for that moment.

Sergey Ukolov told HMBIA News about the programm of his Master Class.

Sergey Ukolov:
“I formed the program for the seminar with a set of basic knowledge about our sport. How to dress, how to organize a training process, how to train themselves and to train others. Basic course. That’s what I’m going to tell them.”

HMBIA News will publish the results of Summit and of course about the Swordfit seminar in next publications.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania