Young sportsmen met the president of HMBIA

01 Jun 2017 10:41
Young HMB-Soft sportsmen had a talk with Anton Trubnikov, the president of HMBIA, on the last day of Championship of the World in “HMB – 2017” in Barcelona. The meeting took place right over the “Arena Monumental” lists. Guys were curious as to how Mr. Trubnikov sees the future of HMB-Soft.
During the conversation with sportsmen the head of HMBIA pointed out that soft armor battles are a very important part of HMB sport and an integral part of training process of the accomplished sportsmen.

Anton Trubnikov: We are asked, what is necessary for practicing HMB-Soft? Our reply is always to buy Soft armor, train, all the rest comes is later. We hope that, in the future, one set of metal armor will be worth ten sets of Soft-armor. We’d like to adapt tempo. I think that HMB-Soft is a very important training part, important for young people. I consider it to be a very significant element.

The president of HMBIA noted that female fighters also should take part in HMB-Soft, as in HMB-sport in general. In addition, female categories should be the same as on the World Championship, specifically “3×3” duels.

At the end of the meeting, Anton Trubnikov wished guys to have nice trainings and to win as much medals as possible.


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