Marshal`s dream team
45 marshals will judge all the categories of HMB fights. This year we have 6 knight marshals, 39 marshals that represent almost all parts of the world such as USA, Russia, Europe, South America… Sergey Miasishchev, Marshal Supervisor of HMBIA and head of the Marshal Committe told that HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations […]
01 May 2019 16:34
Authenticity check is in full swing
At the moment, one of the most important procedures takes place in the fortress of Smederevo before the start of the HMB World  Championship Battle of the Nations 2019. Weapon and armor of each fighter are checking out by the committee of authenticity. Committee experts measure, weigh and check. work is in full swing. Of […]
01 May 2019 13:19
National team of Israel: inspired to fight!
The Israeli national team this year will participate in almost everything of what the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations 2019 has to offer. These brave fighters under the leadership of permanent captain Mikhail Morgulis and vice-captain Irina Rogozovskaya registered for almost every nomination. The male part of the national team will take part […]
29 Apr 2019 17:59
Battle of the Nations Live Stream to Reach Its Widest Audience Ever
With the much anticipated Battle of the Nations X only days away, fans at home are keen to know what they can expect from the live stream. We caught up with HMBIA Vice-President and veteran BotN commentator Gavin Stewart to give us the details. “Our preparation is in two stages of assessment: what can we […]
28 Apr 2019 23:37
1001 opportunities to learn and play
None of the days of the Battle of the Nations in Smederevo will be boring. Guests and participants of the Championship will be able to take part in a wide selection of interesting activities. Families with children, friends companies, couples … Everyone will find entertainment that suits them, like picking up a new skill or […]
27 Apr 2019 22:23
Banners for 150 vs 150: who will you support?
All banners for the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nation 2019 have been formed. Almost 40 countries gathered in 11 banners by geographical location and friendly relationships. In the past month we published information about every union. Now, let’s look back on which unions we will see in action in this most spectacular and […]
26 Apr 2019 20:27
China: high hopes and ambitions
2019 is the third HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations for the National team of China. This country loves HMB and every year more and more Chinese HMB athletes enter the lists. 29 fighters from this nation will participate in buhurt 5 vs 5, 30 vs 30, 150 vs 150, also Longsword, Sword and […]
24 Apr 2019 22:49
Mighty Eagles are eager to fight!
The League of Eagles  – that’s the name of the USA banner for mass battles 30 vs 30 and 150 vs 150. This banner has the motto E pluribus unum, which was chosen by the captain as a symbol of their unity USA. It is a historic Latin expression, meaning “Of many – one” These […]
23 Apr 2019 22:37
Full Plate tournament is waiting for its knights! Sign up!
Gentlemen! We happily remind you that there will be a tournament in full plate armour at the Battle of the Nations! Those who wish to participate in the full plate tournament have only 4 days left to submit applications. The application deadline is April 25th. We need your photos of your armour, showing how it […]
22 Apr 2019 11:40
Mass battles workshop was held in Serbia
On April 20th, on the eve of the upcoming Battle of the Nation on the territory of the Smederevo fortress, a workshop was held for the fighters of the Serbian national team. The goal was to get acquainted with the mass nominations in which they will fight. The workshop was conducted by Ali Askerov, instructor […]
21 Apr 2019 20:27
National team of Czech Republic; they mean business!
The National team of Czech Republic and their captain, Josif Pohl, are ready for Battle of the Nations. Above all, they look forward to experiencing exciting new categories like the 30 vs 30 and the 150 vs 150. Pohl is assured this year they have a strong team that can get out of the group […]
21 Apr 2019 13:53
The National team of Canada is ready for the Championship!
A lot of practice and analysis of past battles – this is what the participants and the leadership of the National Team of Canada have done to be ready for the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations 2019. In order to be prepared for the championship, Canadians practiced teamwork, developed combat tactics, did a […]
19 Apr 2019 21:51
Banner of St. Andrew
Under the Andrew’s flag, a symbol of power and struggle, 3 interesting and charismatic teams have come together to form a single banner. Shoulder to shoulder on the lists of the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations 2019 will be Spain, Monaco and Russia 2. The captain of the Banner of St. Andrew is […]
19 Apr 2019 13:12
Tournament ladders of dueling categories are available
Attention! Dear participants of the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations 2019, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the tournament ladders of the duel categories; Sword and Shield, Sword and Buckler, Longsword and Polearm both for men and women.
17 Apr 2019 22:54
Austria: expectations and plans
Austria will participate in the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations not for the first time. Captain Heinrich Stefan WURZIAN is a well known person in the HMB community and he knows the real deal. So, he has very realistic expectations for the upcoming event! But let’s start from the very beginning. This year […]
16 Apr 2019 22:04
Kyrgyzstan for the first time at the Battle of the Nations
Though the road there wasn’t an easy one, Kyrgyzstan will be represented at the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations! 1 fighter from this country and one support will arrive in Serbia. Bogdan Sbitnev will perform in the duel category Sword and Shield and as a legionnaire in the mass battles 30 vs 30 […]
14 Apr 2019 23:00



1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania