China: high hopes and ambitions

24 Apr 2019 22:49
2019 is the third HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations for the National team of China. This country loves HMB and every year more and more Chinese HMB athletes enter the lists. 29 fighters from this nation will participate in buhurt 5 vs 5, 30 vs 30, 150 vs 150, also Longsword, Sword and Shield, Sword and Buckler and Polearm duels for male along with 2 athletes for Profights in lightweight and middleweight categories.

This year they also have a female fighter. She will take part in the Sword and Shield nomination, as well as join the Australian women’s team for 5 vs 5. Of course we will also see her in the All vs All.

Gao Peng, national team captain, told us that this year they are planning to fight for better ranking and try to make it to the playoffs. They are looking forward to taking part in mass battles and have formed the Asian-Pacific League banner with New Zealand and Australia.

As they already have some experience in HMB they hope to meet specific teams on the lists:

“Netherlands, we’re good friend but have never fought as nation vs nation. Also Brazil and Turkey, we three countries all started on the road to BotN in 2017, and so I hope to see which of us performs better. And, of course, any Russian team, because we can learn so much from these great fighters!”

HMBIA News found a couple of special details about the members of the team. Mr. Peng told us that this time they have some good fighters as China 1 for 5vs5, including two professional mma fighters, but most of 30 fighters are less experienced – and they have mostly taken part in tournaments within China. Of course, at BotN, they will get a priceless experience against the best HMB fighters of the world. By the way, Serbia is a free visa for the Chinese, so many fighters decided to go, the many opportunities were to good to pass up!

Let’s wish them good fighting!


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania