01 May 2019 21:13

Trying Serbian food and hospitality is a reason enough to visit this wonderful country. We have prepared for you a list of bars and restaurants, where knights are especially welcome.

We personally checked these places very carefully, tried all the menus, and we can safely recommend it. Friendly staff, excellent service, reasonable prices and sincere interest in history and knights.
Each bar plays live music, serves a LOT of food and welcomes the participants of the “Battle of the Nations”.
We tried beer, rakija and food in each of these bars and we recommend them boldly.

Come and try it yourself!
Search for “Knights Friendly” sign!
Knights Friendly Bars and Restaurants:

1. Black Dogs Pub
Kralja Petra I BB
T. +381 65 6927792
8.00 – 1.00
Very friendly place with a delightful interior designed for Battle of the Nations and excellent rakija (we checked).
2. The Bridge
Kralja Petra I 31
T. 065 5515161
Sit comfortably and drink coffee (or beer) in a good company and watch online “Battle of the Nations”.
3. Kombinat
Kralja Petra Prvog 18
08:00 – 00:00
The biggest pub in the street with great local beer and karaoke nights.
4. Beerland
Izletnicka, 4
T. 026 4625073
Tasty dinner with live music. Tables for large companies and friendly staff included.
5. Terasa
Despota Ђурђа, 4
T. 069 2220151
A great place to have a tasty and satisfying meal and drink coffee on an open terrace with a view of the Danube.
6. Klub Privrednika
Izletnicka, 3
026 4100401
A good respectable place for unhurried talk about past battles over a delicious dinner. Exclusive offers for BotN participants. Specialties and BotN dessert.
7. Barrique
Beogradski put bb
T. 026 671666
Rustic-style restaurant with an exquisite menu and huge portions for a gastronomy experience.
8. Peron
Omladinska 2
+381 62 1115797
The bar closest to the fortress. Great menu and beer selection. There are large screens for broadcast “Battle of the Nations”. And literally cheapest prices in the town.

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania