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27 Apr 2019 22:23
None of the days of the Battle of the Nations in Smederevo will be boring. Guests and participants of the Championship will be able to take part in a wide selection of interesting activities. Families with children, friends companies, couples … Everyone will find entertainment that suits them, like picking up a new skill or making your own souvenir.
There’s so much to do that you’d almost forget to watch the battles and support your team. Almost. Participants and guests of the Championship will be able to attend a lot of workshops from our Serbian partners of the organization White Eagles and the organization Bear Company from Romania.

Let’s begin our list of activities with the Pottery workshop. In this area you’ll find the traditional, foot-turned pottery wheel. Visitors can try their hand at crafting their own ceramics. Make your own vase or pot, use your hands and your fantasy and make yourself a masterpiece.

At the paleography workshop you can write your own text in the ways of old. Another creative way to make your mark in history.

In the metal arts zone, you can try your hand at a craft that has appealed to the imagination of anyone even a little interested in medieval combat. Have you ever tried crafting chainmail? Well now you can! Watch the master at work, or start your own piece of chainmail. Of course, you can also bring your chainmail here to make the necessary repairs yourself…

Don’t forget to visit the leathercraft area. Skillful artisans transform pieces of leather and hide into all kinds of amazing items. There’s also room for necessary maintenance of your leather pieces.

We also host an interactive maintenance and repairs workshop for all your historical items. Our craftsmen offer a wide range of adjustment- and repair services and will show you the authentic ways of caring for and storing your equipment.

Our woodworker will show you his skill with hammer and chisel! Visitors will learn how to recognize various types of wood and their uses. You’ll find all kinds of wood items; utilities, chests, camping gear and much more.

The Blacksmiths will show you the secrets of their work. Guests of the Championship are invited to come craft arrowheads, knives or other small objects under their supervision. Alternatively, you can witness the casting of medieval jewelry or try your hand at making your own. This area also offers you demonstration of forging medieval weapons (swords, arrows and knives). The blacksmith will teach all those who really want to learn his medieval forging techniques and the history of blacksmithing.

Follow your nose and you will surely reach the Military camp kitchen. Here you can watch, smell, touch and even taste the various ingredients. Learn by watching the cooks as they use traditional cooking methods to prepare the camp food. The food is not for sale, but the experience is invaluable.

The next workshop on our list is the embroidery workshop where you can learn how to craft and embellish cloth items. They will show you how to turn small pieces such as handkerchiefs, bookmarks, shirts’ necklines or wristbands into a unique work of art. Visitors are invited to witness and learn how to use various stitches: backstitch, cross stitch, chain stitch, straight stitch, tent stitch, fishbone stitch, split stitch and many more. Start your own project here. If you can’t finish it? No problem. Bring it with you and finish it in the comfort of your own home.

If you’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to be a medieval warrior, the next workshop is for you. Weapons and armor display zone will give visitors a chance to try on various medieval (12th – 15th century) combat equipment, while learning about their origins, use and areas.

If it’s the life of a cavalry knight or medieval royalty on horseback that you dream of, don’t miss the chance to go horseback riding. After receiving the necessary instructions on how to treat your horse, you can go for a short ride or have your picture taken with this noble animal.

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as the sound of a spear, axe or arrow hitting the target. You’ll forget even your own name as you focus on the bullseye. And when it strikes? Oh, you’ll surely never forget that feeling.

There’s so much to do at Battle of the Nations 2019 and this list isn’t even complete. We have calligraphy specialists, historians who gladly share their stories and knowledge, dancers who will happily teach you their steps. Have your picture taken while you wear armour. It’s a full, medieval experience.

Battle of the Nations 2019, this World Championship event will be absolutely unforgettable. Support your team, visit beautiful and hospitable Serbia and learn many interesting things. And the stories you’ll take home are sure to amaze friends and family.

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania