The HMB New Zealand team has formed and is ready for BotN 2021
Last weekend New Zealand held the final qualification stage to assemble the team that will travel to Romania in 2021 to represent New Zealand at the Battle of the Nations in July. While July 2021 may seem a long way away, New Zealand, all the way in the South Pacific, is a great distance from […]
25 Nov 2020 20:15
Di Francesco, Argentina: “How I spent Battle of the Nations 2014”
HMBIA News presents to you a new She fights for…. rubric. Here we will present stories about HMB girls. What are they fighting for, what goals they set for themselves, why did they chose this tough sport and what results do they strive for! We’ll tell you about champions and newcomers, pioneers and their followers. […]
06 Nov 2020 19:25
Flame tamer: an HMB blacksmith and what requirements to put forward to them
HMB is no longer just a sport. It is a sports and cultural movement now with a multifaceted and multi-tiered infrastructure. There are blacksmiths, craftsmen here who make products from leather, clay, wood, fabric, team support groups and many other talented specialists who reveal the beauty and power of our sport. This is a real […]
31 Oct 2020 17:58
All vs All: a female response to the grand mass battle
In 2014, HMBIA for the first time initiated the introduction of women’s categories into the official table of the World Championship in HMB, Battle of the Nations. Since then, the number of both the categories themselves and the announced participants has been exponentially growing from year to year. Of course, the quantitative and qualitative gap […]
23 Oct 2020 14:20
USA will have their BotN team soon
A hot time is coming in the HMB community! The date and venue of the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations 2021 has been announced and it’s high time for athletes around the world to prepare for the most important tournament selection for their county’s team. Every fighter dreams of a place in the […]
16 Oct 2020 18:34
XI World Championship Battle of the Nations takes place in Romania in 2021
Between July 1-4 2021, Oradea Fortress will host the XI World Championship in Historical Medieval Battle, which is the biggest sport and medieval culture global event with a unique, globally unmatched concept. Oradea was chosen as the host city over other candidates after the final stage of the host city race, including cities from Italy, France, […]
08 Oct 2020 10:00
HMB vs Covid19: Israel does not give up
A new surge in Covid 19 virus cases in Israel has led to the closure of the country’s borders and massive quarantine measures. It is reported that it has been going on for half a month, and will last at least another week. According to Mikhail Morgulis, captain of the HMB Israel team, there are […]
07 Oct 2020 17:26
New life from the ashes: a happy ending
The morning of September 5 is a time Mathias Søjborg, the HMB fighter from Denmark, will remember for a long time. He was literally in shock when his new car and the entire set of armor in the trunk of it had burned down. Many of us know this story and sincerely empathized with Mathias. […]
26 Sep 2020 15:41
The Top 5 Bad Days for a Commentator
Being an HMB commentator is something a lot of people would love to do. It makes you the voice of the sport, and the connection between the tournaments and the audience watching the live stream; but above all, it’s great fun. You travel, you get to know the technicians, you find out the latest information […]
17 Sep 2020 17:22
The Most Challenging Aspect of BotN
Participation or preparation for Battle of the Nations – which is more difficult for fighters and for captains? HMBIA News decided to find out the truth having put this question to representatives of the HMB community from different countries. Of course, everyone has their own answer and their own methods, but we can highlight something […]
10 Sep 2020 19:26
12vs12: more people, more fun! 
The 12v12 category is gaining momentum and becoming more and more popular among HMB fighters around the world. This category already has its loyal fans. In addition, 12v12 battles have become an official category of the Buhurt League. To find out why our athletes love this category, and, most importantly, what are the main tactical […]
02 Sep 2020 16:30
Farewell to the Maestro
For the second time this year, Italy suffers another untimely tragedy. On the 25th August, the world lost Davide Canalia – fighter, federation member, organiser, instructor, and friend. Davide’s popularity in the HMB community and beyond came from his enthusiasm. His desire to see projects through from start to finish was noticed by anyone who […]
26 Aug 2020 15:03
Gavin Stewart on the BotN live streams: exciting details
The Battle of the Nations Total Recall marathon turned into a large-scale and interesting project. There were a lot of people, hundreds of stories and thousands of smiles. Thanks to the live streams that were part of the marathon we could see and listen to exciting and touching stories of the HMB community members. Gavin […]
21 Aug 2020 17:20
What are HMB Marshals made of? 
Stress resistance, the ability to make informed decisions quickly, masterfully navigate the rules of HMB sport in all its possible nuances and proficiency in English. These are the qualities that a real qualified HMB Marshal should have. However, this is not enough! HMBIA News talked about all the intricacies of this work with HMB knight […]
28 Jul 2020 11:20
Alexei Kamenev: about sports, family and dreams
There is a sign that if a huge fighter in a helmet with a classic 14th century German klappvisor from the Bear Paw team runs to you in the lists, it will lead to pain, falling and gaining combat experience. Perhaps you will have time to see the fighter’s kind eyes, but the ending of […]
24 Jul 2020 19:17
New Zealand Has New Captain
David Briscoe, the well-known HMB fighter and the National team captain. He led his team to the BotN list for many years, but had to leave this position due to personal circumstances. The New Zealand National HMB Federation (HMBNZ) welcomed Cody Hamilton as new National Team Captain. HMBIA News reporter had an interview with Dayna […]
20 Jul 2020 15:42



1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania