Stewart: “….their biggest success was that they took care of everyone and made their stay a pleasure”
Gavin Stewart, the head of the Development Committee also told HMBIA News about his impressions of WMFC First Class Tournament “Torneo del Montefeltro “Ardet ut Feriat”. Gavin Stewart: “On 29th October, Italy held its first ever WMFC event in the beautiful medieval town of Urbino in central Italy. The organisation of this event was in […]
28 Nov 2016 16:13
What have we achieved in the year 2016
Dear friends, fighters and participants of HMB tradition, “Battle of the Nations”-2017 is coming soon and we wanted, while waiting in excitement on the biggest event in our wonderful sport, to reminisce about the passing year, about main events of the year and analyze our achievements.
25 Nov 2016 11:00
Gabrielle Tonucci: “…I’m proud of the Italian fighters, who accepted such challenge for the first time”.
Gabriell Tonucci, representative of WMFC Italy, “Feltrio” HMB-club captain shared his impressions from WMFC First Clas tournament “Ardet au Feriat”-2016. Gabrielle Toucci: “As such event took place for the first time in Italy, I’m really proud of the results that we’ve achieved, I’m proud of my Club and I’m glad that fighters from other countries […]
23 Nov 2016 15:09
Tonucci, Italy: “…I’m really proud of the results we’ve achieved”
29th October 2016 fighters from 4 countries gathered in Urbino (Italy) to take part in WMFC First Class Tournament “Torneo del Montefeltro “Ardet ut Feriat”. HMBIA News asked main technical responsible of the tournament, representative of WMFC Italy, captain of the “Feltrio” HMB-club Gabriele Tonucci (Italy) to tell us the results of the tournament. Gabriele […]
18 Nov 2016 16:45
Women are gathering for Buhurt in Argentina – “The sport unites us”
Argentina never stops to please HMB community with good news. Let us introduce you to all-woman HMB club Valherjes! Martina Ochoa – female fighter from Valherjes HMB Club (Argentina) told us about the princess warriors, the swords of which you have to be aware of. Martina Ochoa: “There are six of us female fighters in […]
14 Nov 2016 16:32
«RED DRAGON CUP»-2016: new beginnings and new victories”
October 22nd, “RED DRAGON CUP”-2016 tournament took its place in the city of Buenos Aires (Argentina). It was a national tournament, so there were teams from all around the country. Juan Manuel Chevasco Diaz – well known fighter of the National team of Argentina, strategy, tactics and technics coach told HMBIA News his impressions of […]
11 Nov 2016 11:48
HMBIA Summit – 2016: new place, new horizons
Traditional HMBIA Summit, dedicated to the development of HMB sport, is to take place November 26th 2016. This year it is going to take place in Milan (Italy) in the format of one-day long event. According to organizers, such format – brief and saturated, went successfully last year, so in the year 2016, the positive […]
08 Nov 2016 11:02
Michael Morgul about the Chinese seminar and local HMB fighters: “…there are few of them, but they are really tough”
There is yet more HMB related news from People’s Republic of China about the development of our sport. Such news is always a good thing and it is pleasant to write as well as to read it. An HMB seminar concerning professional fights took its place in the late October in the city of Beijin. […]
07 Nov 2016 12:05
“Chinese fighters are yet to come!”
There are many interesting things in China and everybody knows it. We know that there is HMB-sport in this exotic country. HMBIA News has already written about it in February, 2015. We decided to find out if something new has happened in sport during this year. We asked Yang Yu, “Huben” HMB-club fighter about growing […]
03 Nov 2016 15:30
“WMFC Germany Challenge: atmospheric and neat, as Germans like it”
First German tournament from the First Class Tournament series took its place not so long ago and now, when the excitement has died down a little, we can have a peaceful and thorough discussion about the tournament and the impressions it left. HMBIA News asked Marina Golovina – female fighter from Russia, military-patriotic club “Tverd” […]
01 Nov 2016 17:14
“WMFC First Class Germany Challenge” – 2016
10-11 September 2016, a WMFC First Class series tournament took its place in the German town of Nurnberg. Such event could not leave HMBIA News uninterested. Programme of the tournament throughout 2 days was as follows: 10 September – profights; 11 September – soft sword. We have contacted one of the organizers of the tournament […]
28 Oct 2016 15:44
5vs5 or duels – is that a question for David Dixon
HMBIA asked David Dixon, fighter of “Ursus” HMB-club (USA) if he has in plans performance in other categories and his answer was clear and short! David Dixon: “I am interested in the style of pro fights and I am training to hopefully compete in that style of fighting starting in mid 2017 provided that orgteam […]
26 Oct 2016 16:07
Andryus Kiselyus: “…my hardest rival is not a team or a fighter, it’s my mirror image.”
Our friends from Argentina, an HMB-oriented blog Crónicas Bohurteras, have shared with HMBIA News an interesting interview with a famous Russian fighter Andryus Kiselyus. How long have you been practicing this sport and why did you start training in the first place? – For me, this sport started 7 years ago 2009-2010, I think. So […]
24 Oct 2016 14:40
New HMB school for children in Australia
Skye Burnie – well known australian female fighter told HMBIA News a really great news! Bryce Lightbody and Skye are planning to open soft sword school for the kids in Sydney (Australia). Skye will be one of the founders and, of course, one of the trainers. Skye Burnie: “We`re hoping to start up a soft […]
22 Oct 2016 15:06
“David Dixon, ITOC-2016. David Dixon about the tourney”
International Tournament of Chivalry «ITOC» -2016 is a big HMB-event, so HMBIA News decided to find out some more participants’ impressions, as such information would be interesting and useful for both our followers and organizers of the tournaments. We interviewed a well-known American fighter of “Ursus” HMB-club (USA) – David Dixon. “It was excellent! The […]
20 Oct 2016 15:37
Tim Edward Jerry Gaensler-Debs (USA) about “IToC”-2016: “…I want to push club Ursus to greater victories”
International Tournament of Chivalry “ITOC”-2016 has passed, but everybody will remember it and will be waiting to participate again. Tim Edward Jerry Gaensler-Debs, fighter from USA told us that event was great and Brad Schaive and Black Swan did a great job! Tim Edward Jerry Gaensler-Debs: “Upon arriving at the International Tournament of Chivalry, it […]
17 Oct 2016 15:35



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