“WMFC Germany Challenge: atmospheric and neat, as Germans like it”

01 Nov 2016 17:14
First German tournament from the First Class Tournament series took its place not so long ago and now, when the excitement has died down a little, we can have a peaceful and thorough discussion about the tournament and the impressions it left. HMBIA News asked Marina Golovina – female fighter from Russia, military-patriotic club “Tverd” (Tver’) representative. Marina told us that visiting Germany had been her dream, the pretext couldn’t have turned out to be better!

Marina Golovina:

“The reception was very good. Organizers took to attention that though we are sportspeople, we are also breathing human beings – it’s in our nature to eat and to sleep. Also, thanks to the great organization, we were able to make an acquaintance with a wonderful town of Nurnberg. I’ve got the brightest impressions from local town fair! I’d only seen such things in the movies before.

I have also liked the neat adherence to the event’s regulations and cozy atmosphere. I’d like to especially note the great resolution in the stadium’s fencing – sturdy carcass and chains – that’s exactly what my comfort zone looks like”.

Marina is an experienced fighter. She has achieved numerous victories in the course of her career, but this time, the opponents turned out to be pretty tough and she had to pave the way to the pedestal with formidable effort!

Marina Golovina:

“I fought against the two strongest she-warriors of the Germany and one of her kind, female fighter from Netherlands. The last one, Esther, has astonished me with her persistence. Although, due to the lack of sparring-partners in her native country, it is hard for her to hold on to high level of fighting technique without any defeats. She is a special case – her every second fight ended with technical defeat. I especially remembered the moment when I couldn’t calm myself and decided to make sure and tie laces on her armor with my own hands before the fight. Perhaps that’s why we had two complete rounds J I think she will definitely show what she is capable of in the future.

As to Germans – they do everything good due to their mentality, they always try to achieve perfectness, and they carefully gather knowledge and learning materials, which gives them the possibility to achieve mastery”.

Golovina met her most desirable opponent – Denise Brinkmann from Germany. It was a return match, which ended with the victory of Marina. The second German opponent also turned out to be a die-hard!
Marina Golovina:

“Melanie is created for the professional fights, she is tall, powerful, has a heavy punch. Fighting her couldn’t have been an easy task. Indeed, everything turned out pretty tough. My both victories were achieved in hard struggle. It was especially interesting for me to put Denise’s sport skills to the test. As far as I know, she used to do freestyle wrestling, which I also used to do. This time my kung-fu turned out to be stronger. German fighters still hold their serious positions in the world ratings, both among female fighters and males. I’d like to thank all my opponents for great fights! I was extremely glad to have an honor of being invited to such an event. Big thanks to organizers for that. I hope we’ll meet again”.

HMBIA News would like to thank Marina Golovina for a wonderful interview and wishes further development, victories and interesting opponents on the stadium!

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania