«RED DRAGON CUP»-2016: new beginnings and new victories”

11 Nov 2016 11:48
October 22nd, “RED DRAGON CUP”-2016 tournament took its place in the city of Buenos Aires (Argentina). It was a national tournament, so there were teams from all around the country. Juan Manuel Chevasco Diaz – well known fighter of the National team of Argentina, strategy, tactics and technics coach told HMBIA News his impressions of the event.

Juan Manuel Chevasco Diaz:
“It was a really difficult tournament. It was also one of the quickest Tournaments in my country: small stadium, quick start…Good timing- Fight… prepare. .. Fight …. prepare…Nice. Fight by fight, no time to do anything else. It lasted all through the everning until the late night  – we finished at 10 p.m. Everybody from the Eagle team including me are satisfied with the tournament, “Lobo Negro” club organization and the tournament`s results”.

There were 7 teams:
“Lobo Negro”
“Pecari” (2 teams)
“C.E.C.M. EAGLES” (2 teams)
Sportsmen from all aforementioned HMB-clubs fought in 1 nomination – “5vs5″ and “C.E.C.M. EAGLES” achieved victory – they took first place. Juan Manuel told that they had prepared new tactics for this tournament and it worked out successfully! It is the reason to be proud of!
Juan Manuel Chevasco Diaz:
“One of the Eagle team’s fighters had his debut on the stadium, he had never fought before. He won two fights, I’m so so proud of this guy. They grow so fast, learn so fast”.
Of course, HMBIA and it`s editorial office are also proud of the beginners’ success and wish all the fighters new victories and tough tournaments.


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