Gabrielle Tonucci: “…I’m proud of the Italian fighters, who accepted such challenge for the first time”.

23 Nov 2016 15:09
Gabriell Tonucci, representative of WMFC Italy, “Feltrio” HMB-club captain shared his impressions from WMFC First Clas tournament “Ardet au Feriat”-2016.

Gabrielle Toucci:
“As such event took place for the first time in Italy, I’m really proud of the results that we’ve achieved, I’m proud of my Club and I’m glad that fighters from other countries participated.

A year ago, when I became the national responsible for the development of the WMFC category in Italy, I anticipated a really big responsibility for the Italian fighters. I started to work and, in October 2016, we organized a national training in Urbino intended to all fighters that wished to try to fight in this hard category. So, we had a training weekend with one our big friend, Ilias Vishutyn (Ukraine), who helped us to find a new way to train hard for our beautiful sport.

One year after we got the Ardet ut Feriat – WMFC first class tournament! As for the organization, the club Feltrio had a big importance. We worked together to achieve this big goal. Every task in the event organization, was covered by a member of my Club, and at the same time we had 3 fighters in the competition who achieved very good results: Milo Canino (1st place in group B), Lorenzo Toffalli and Francesco Galli (2nd place in groups A and B).

In general, I’m proud of the Italian fighters who accepted such challenge for the first time. I would have liked to see more guys from Italy (we had participants from San Giorgio Club and Iron Tower Club), but I can understand that it is a really hard category of fights. I’m sure that by the next edition we will have more national participants.

For us it was an honor to have participants from Ukraine, Russia, UK, Australia and of course from Italy. Big congratulations to the winners and to the other participants.

And big thanks to the WMFC organization (with Gavin Stewart that helped us in the communication) that believed in our project and decided to give us a possibility to have two fights in Profight category. The participants of the professional league (Vitaly Grizlov RUS, Pawel Kurzak UK, Aleksandr Nikitin RUS, Lukas Kowal UK) are some of the most important fighters in this movement and sport.

After our tournament, we got some requests from different Italian cities to organize such new event in their town. We are working on it, and during the next year we will have some events intended only to the Italian fighters (to go forward in the development of this movement in Italy) and, of course, the 2nd edition of Ardet ut Feriat Tournament and a new international tournament in a beautiful Italian castle. We will inform soon about the details!

As for our event, I want to say thanks to WMFC organization, to CSEN for the support in Italy, to the main sponsors like Hotel Mamiani SPA that had with us a big collaboration and helped us to offer a wonderful accommodation to the participants.

Now, our following goal, is the organization of a big international tournament in group battle category (5vs5) with HMB rules.

We hope to be able to get this new event on the first half of the next year, so, in this manner we can be continuing on the growth of this sport in Italy, like I’m doing personally, in the last 4 years.”

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