Armor issue. Is it reasonable to order elements of armor from different blacksmiths?
It depends on the person making an order. A competent one can order armor in any good workshop because he/she clearly understands which element and of what properties is needed. The process of choosing armor is quite simple, there are “legs”, “hands” and “body” that should fit together. For example, brigandine armor of “Chalkis” type. […]
12 Sep 2014 11:45
“Tactics”… A strange word
– Information for novices: Combat planning is an indispensable element of any team’s pre-fight preparations. As they say, “Properly chosen tactics and five strong guys can do more than just five strong guys.” Undoubtedly, in the battle you have to rely on people who are in good physical shape, but it does not guarantee 100% […]
11 Sep 2014 15:59
Armor “from a chest” or a new set?
What is more expensive / cheaper for ordering? To make the armor that has already been made by the workshop, the blacksmith needs to take the pattern, adjust the size and make the set. Timing of order is known in advance. When the customer needs armor made according to his/her sources, the blacksmith has to […]
11 Sep 2014 14:56
What Makes A Good Team Captain?
This article gives a basic introduction to what qualities an individual needs to perform his or her duties as a national team captain and what is expected of the person who takes on this role. Before even considering taking on the role of national team captain, you must first ask yourself these questions: – “Do […]
11 Sep 2014 13:02
Engage or not engage? Tactical options. “Man-to-man marking”
– Information for novices: There is a widespread practice of “appointing” one team’s athletes to certain members of the opposing team in many team sports. It is done to maximize the control. Historical Medieval Battle also uses this technique, but “man-to-man marking” here is not a firm thing and it can be rejected in the […]
11 Sep 2014 12:54
New armor. Ordering and taking measures
Concerning trying on. Is it enough to give your measures or personal presence is preferred? Once the workshop and model of armor are chosen, measures are needed. In order to get fitting and convenient armor, one point should be taken into account, namely that all measurements have to be taken while the client is wearing […]
11 Sep 2014 12:51
Historical Medieval Battle training seminar
1-2 November 2014, Italy Extraordinary event will be held in the beginning of November in Italy. Champions of “Battle of the Nations” will share their experience with HMB fighters. On the first day of seminar, 1st of November, Sergey Ukolov and Ivan Vasiliev will hold a 1vs1 “Duel” category training. On the second day of […]
10 Sep 2014 18:28
Why armor upgrades are needed
The manufacturer can use rondel to join elements of armor, to close gaps between them, or use soft padding to cushion blows. The aim of this is to allow fighter put on armor, fight on the lists and get no wounds. It means, the first requirement is safety. If a fighter can take a few […]
09 Sep 2014 11:01
Why versatility is needed in weapon training?
– Information for novices: HMB is a new and developing sport, so the choice of weapons for training depends on the preferences of a particular fighter entirely. Many choose “shield-sword” set when they start their career. However, despite the apparent simplicity of mastering this set of weapons, you should never stop developing. It is necessary […]
09 Sep 2014 09:05
Numbers of influential HMB fans have grown!
Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond has recently expressed his interest in HMB sport. It was told by Dave McNaughton, a well-known member of the global HMB movement, on the Facebook page of the Scottish Knight League. – Dave McNaughton, captain of the National Team of Scotland: “I’ve recently met the First Minister of Scotland, Alex […]
08 Sep 2014 13:07
Two-handed bladed weapons. Tournament aspect
– Information for novices: If we talk about the role of two-handed bladed weapons in tournaments, then we should mention that, unlike in buhurts, it gives no obvious advantage in “triathlon”. First of all, your opponent is armed exactly in the same way. And secondly, the longsword is just a different type of weapon, which […]
08 Sep 2014 12:10
Strike further, strike harder. Two-handed polearms in HMB
The might of two-handed weapons, namely two-handed polearms, reveals itself in buhurt. Halberds, pollaxes, two-handed axes are meant here. An opportunity to strike hard from a distance, without being hit by opponents, gives a significant advantage in battle. If a group of people fight in a well co-ordinated way, and they cause damage to the […]
05 Sep 2014 11:09
Burnie, Australia: “When the fight started, I felt fine”
I represented my country in the women’s “Duel” category at the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations. I was a little bit nervous before the beginning of the fighting, as I felt great responsibility. But when the fight started, I felt fine, and even had a lot of fun! However, the weather was very […]
05 Sep 2014 09:05
“Bern”. Current legend
HMB clubs “Bern”, historical reenactment club (Russia). Established in 2002. Mainly focuses on reconstruction of the material culture and combat art of the Swiss cantons of the XIV-XVth centuries. “Bern” is a legendary Russian club which is well-known around the world. The club has been unchallenged leader of full contact medieval battles for the last […]
04 Sep 2014 17:08
When armor is needed. First visit to workshop…
When a person comes to the blacksmith, their talk concerning armor can develop according to several scenarios. Variant one. The customer is not a novice in the HMB movement, he/she talked to experienced fighters, has some combat experience, searched for needed information on the Internet and knows what he/she wants. In this case they discuss […]
03 Sep 2014 14:19
Sword and Shield. Convenience and simplicity
– Information for novices: How can we explain the popularity of such set of weapons as “shield-sword”? First of all, it’s due to the fact the shield provides excellent protection. Secondly, you can use both hands, deliver blows with your sword or edges of the shield. Thus, the fighter is well-armed and, at the same […]
03 Sep 2014 10:12



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