Armor issue. Is it reasonable to order elements of armor from different blacksmiths?

12 Sep 2014 11:45

It depends on the person making an order. A competent one can order armor in any good workshop because he/she clearly understands which element and of what properties is needed. The process of choosing armor is quite simple, there are “legs”, “hands” and “body” that should fit together. For example, brigandine armor of “Chalkis” type. This type of armor requires pauldrons and the fighter has to think how to attach them, what gap between the pauldron and the body of “Chalkis” is acceptable…. It means, there are certain nuances that must be dealt with, and only then you can order armor from different blacksmiths.

But if a person does not have proper knowledge and wants to get a “cheap offer”, he/she can face problems. For example, armor elements may not fit each other, because the blacksmith who makes leg protection is not responsible for the blacksmith dealing with body protection. Thus, complaints will be groundless.

Everything depends on the level of knowledge of the customer, if it is high, a person can choose on his/her own, but if not – it is better to address professionals. A good workshop will always help with advice, even if you buy only a part of armor there. Blacksmiths will help to adjust protective elements. The professional is always ready to meet the needs of the client.

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