Why versatility is needed in weapon training?

09 Sep 2014 09:05

– Information for novices:

HMB is a new and developing sport, so the choice of weapons for training depends on the preferences of a particular fighter entirely. Many choose “shield-sword” set when they start their career. However, despite the apparent simplicity of mastering this set of weapons, you should never stop developing. It is necessary to improve the strength and accuracy of strike, attacking technique… You can also try other arms, namely longsword, halberd.

If the experiment is successful, you can develop versatility. For example, using a halberd and repelling attacks of shield-bearers, you can understand how to act in the reverse situation, when you are armed with a sword or falchion and meet a man with halberd. Learning of new tactical techniques, while training with new weapons, can be useful for a sportsman and damaging to his/her opponents’ interests :).

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