Current medal ranking of the Championship
The third day of Battle of the Nations 2019 is behind us. Three days of exhilarating battles and glorious victories. With most categories behind us, we can now show you our updated medal ranking.
05 May 2019 12:24
Men`s Triantlon: Russia on the pedesta
The grand finale of the Battle of the Nations World Championship duelling categories, the most difficult, prestigious and technical Triathlon category, is concluded. The walls of the medieval fortress were the perfect backdrop for the Knights fencing. The pedestal of this category was completely occupied by representatives of one National team. Triathlon category are as […]
05 May 2019 11:52
Day 4 annoncement
Today we look forward to the finals of the profights, the incredibly technical duel triathlon, female All vs All and the long awaited 150 vs 150. You don’t want to miss this exciting grand finale to the 10th anniversary of the Battle of the Nations World Championship in HMB.
05 May 2019 08:31
4th day of HMB Soft camp living
On the 4th day in the morning, the young athletes conducted a training session in the format of the new HMB Soft nomination “5 vs 5”. Regarding this, a famous fighter, member of the Russian national team Artem Goryunov in his interview said: The “5 vs 5” nomination is necessary because it develops the skills […]
05 May 2019 00:39
Profights: results
The following fighters reached the final of the tournament: A light weight: Fight for 1st place: Mykola Shalimov (Ukraine) vs Vyacheslav Levakov (Russia) Fight for 3rd place: Anatoly Yushan (Moldova) vs Piotr Ziaja (Poland) Heavy weight: Fight for 1st place: Ilya Dragan (Moldova) vs Sebastian Kurs (Germany) Fight for 3rd place: Maxim Slavchenko (Russia) vs […]
04 May 2019 21:05
30 vs 30: results
The main event of the third day, the battles in the mass nomination 30 vs 30 are over! Awesome fights! 9 teams gathered to fight for the gold of this category. This new category proved to be challenging, tough and above all very exciting. This is the 2nd biggest category at this edition of Battle […]
04 May 2019 20:38
When dreams come true
The HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations is a place where dreams come true! So here is one dream that came true for the Brazilian national team fighter Fabio Toniolo. The young man entered the lists against one of his idols – Alexey Petrik. Fabio said that Alexey Petrik, Sergey Ukolov, Martin Waszkielis and […]
04 May 2019 19:02
30 vs 30: everyone is delighted!
We waited a long time for this and finally, on the third day of the competition, battles began in the mass battles category 30 vs 30. Words do not convey well what is happening on the lists! Another premiere for the World Championship on its 10th anniversary. Spectators shout at the top of their lungs […]
04 May 2019 18:12
Sword and Shield men`s results
Just in! The results of the men’s sword and shield category. 29 men picked up their weapons in this duelling category. The honorary metals are divided between these three athletes: 1. Russia (Alexey Petrik) 2. Poland (Marcin Waszkielis) 3. United Kingdom (Lukasz Kowal) Our congratulations to the winners!
04 May 2019 14:52
Men’s Longsword results
And we bring you more results now that another duelling category has been concluded. 22 athletes competed in the men’s longsword category. This is the top three! 1. Russia (Sergey Ukolov) 2. Ukraine (Alexandr Vasilinic) 3. Latvia (Vladimir Maksimenko) Once again, we congratulate the winners on their beautiful victories.
04 May 2019 14:44
Fence with a legend
Sword and Shield and Longsword male duel nominations are taking place in the Smederevo fortress. Famous Russian champions Aleksei Petrik and Sergei Ukolov were among the first to enter the list here. Aleksei Petrik fought against athlete Fabio Toniolo from Brazil in the Sword and Shield nomination. It was intense and passionate battle from which […]
04 May 2019 11:39
Championship medal ranking of 2 days
The first two days of Battle of the Nations 2019 went by in the blink of an eye. Already we’ve seen the classic men’s 5 vs 5 category with a new country in the top 3, the women gave their very best in their 5 vs 5 buhurt category and the 12 vs 12 category […]
04 May 2019 01:06
3rd day of living in the camp
On the third day of HMB Soft Camp young athletes had a traditional morning warm up, than boarded a bus and arrived to the fortress. This day was full of new knowledges during trainings and workshops held by Mikhail Morgulis, the captain of the National team of Israel, vice-captain of the Israel national team Irina […]
04 May 2019 00:33
12 vs 12 – results
The brutal mass battles of the 12 vs 12 nomination have ended. They leave behind a crowd and fighters that are hungry for more. 15 teams registered to participate in this category. The results of the category 12 vs 12 were as follows: 1. Russia 2. UK 3. Belarus Without a doubt, this nomination won […]
03 May 2019 21:52
Results of the profights
The results of the profights in the run-up to the finals, which will be held on May 5. Women. Finals Fight for the 1st place: Irina Rogosovsky (Israel) – Anastasia Meshcheryakova (Russia) Fights for the 3rd place: Celia Torrent (Spain) – Melanie Gras (Germany) Middle weight: For the 3rd place fight: Maxim Skorikov (Belarus) vs […]
03 May 2019 20:19
Men’s Sword and Buckler category results
We also conclude the Men’s Sword and Buckler category. The top three positions were claimed by the following countries: 1. Russia 2. Ukraine 3. United Kingdom Once again, our congratulations to the winners.
03 May 2019 19:06



1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania