Fence with a legend

04 May 2019 11:39
Sword and Shield and Longsword male duel nominations are taking place in the Smederevo fortress. Famous Russian champions Aleksei Petrik and Sergei Ukolov were among the first to enter the list here. Aleksei Petrik fought against athlete Fabio Toniolo from Brazil in the Sword and Shield nomination. It was intense and passionate battle from which Aleksei emerged victorious.

Fabio Toniolo (Brazil):”I was the best experience ever! Petrik, Kowal and Ukolov are my heroes, too. so meet these legends in the list is very good and i’m enjoying it. I even have a signature of Sergei Ukolov on my shield”.

Ukolov got an opponent from Turkey for the Longsword. Özgen Yeniözgen is not new to HMB and has great ambitions for the next Battle of the Nations:
“He is good! I really love his style. He is really relaxed but i could have done it better if I had my gloves. I will win, but next year”.

We will publish all results in these highly technical nominations as soon as possible. Follow us!
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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania