HMB Soft in Belgrade
September 28, was the first day of a two-day HMB Soft seminar for the National team of Serbia. It was held in Belgrade and hosted by fighters of the “White Eagles” HMB club. Ali Askerov told the seminar participants about the typical training methods for young athletes in the first year of study. Also before […]
29 Sep 2018 02:03
The blacksmith is indispensable at “Battle of the Nations”!
The blacksmiths at the HMB tournament are one of the most important specialists! All representatives of the HMB movement know this, and the high-quality and fast work of such a specialist is priceless.   The World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations” has always been famous for cooperation with such professionals. This year, many […]
12 Jul 2018 12:21
The very first “Béhourd à Azincourt” tournament in France: hurry up to fight!
The 1st Azincourt tournament will take place in three weeks on 22 July! Azincourt is a commune in the Pas-de-Calais department in Northern France. The competition will include WMFC profights, “21 vs 21″ and mass battle categories. Here is the schedule of the tournament. It will start at 10 am and finish at 6 pm […]
08 Jul 2018 11:02
“Battle of the Nations”-2018 awards – a separate subject!
The World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2018 has already came to the end, but cups and medals, that the strongest fighters of the world brought home, will please the eyes and warm their memories for a long time. This year, the cups and medals differed from the usual awards of the past. They […]
06 Jul 2018 14:11
Sofie Maceanruig: “HMB is a lifestyle”
Her nickname is “Trouble” and when you see her, you understand that this girl is willing for adventures. She is active, creative, funny, friendly and so much more. She looks like an angel, but you can see the little devils in her eyes. HMB was her love from first sight. However, it wasn`t easy for […]
03 Jul 2018 12:32
“Prague Vixens” about workout and opponents
“Prague Vixens” girls love to fight and they are skilled in it. These girls enjoy every moment on the list but after the fights they analyze the results and work on mistakes. That`s a good tradition! This year “Battle of the Nations” was hard for them because all their opponents were great fighters. But they […]
26 Jun 2018 11:07
Precious fighting experience of Brazil and “Battle of the Nations”
The National Team of Brazil participated in the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2018 for the second time. There were a lot of tough fights for them, but Brazilians were ready! According to João Zerbinatti, they worked hard before the championship to represent their country with honor. João Zerbinatti: “Two weeks before the […]
24 Jun 2018 11:45
Rodrigo González Ayala: five years of swords, fights and HMB sport
Rodrigo González Ayala from Spain has a strong hit and a great sense of humor. His hits are tough, but after the fight you can`t stop laughing with this charismatic guy. But let’s start our story from the very beginning. Rodrigo told about his way in HMB. He had a long experience in HEMA, more […]
22 Jun 2018 13:16
HMBIA got seven new Marshals after the “Battle of the Nations”-2018
The HMB Marshals do a very important job during the tournaments. Due to these people, we can see real sport fights in the lists. There was an opportunity for trainees to pass a practice exam during the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2018 to become certified Marshals. According to the HMBIA Marshal supervisor […]
21 Jun 2018 17:03
Pawel Kurzak: summing up “Battle of the Nations”-2018
The National Team of the UK got the greatest success to date – one gold, one silver and two bronze medals including a medal in the “21 vs 21″ buhurt category. Year by year the UK team is getting stronger. Pawel Kurzak even told that such a steady improvement is excellent, but it will be […]
19 Jun 2018 18:44
Esther Veldstra about the improvement for the future tournaments
Esther Veldstra from the Netherlands is quite happy with her results on the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2018. This year she had an opportunity to focus on her own trainings and preparations for the championship. She chose the “Sword and Buckler” duel category and her results were great!   “The last four […]
18 Jun 2018 18:36
Sweden keeps training
The Swedish team got new fighting experience after the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2018 in Italy. Jonas Balkefors – a captain of the National Team of Sweden told us about their workout routine after the championship. Jonas Balkefors: “We usually have more soft kit trainings after tournaments trying new technics and tactics […]
16 Jun 2018 19:10
Champion`s meeting on the “Battle of the Nations”-2018
Young athletes, winners of world championships in HMB Soft, met the best HMB athletes of the world for Russia – Alexey Petrik, Sergey Ukolov and Ilya Ivanov. The champions visited the HMB Soft arena and talked with the guys.   Particularly, young athletes were interested in the champions’ training process; they asked how the fighters […]
15 Jun 2018 00:48
Alexey Petrik: “The secret of success is simple”
Alexey Petrik from Russia became the world champion in HMB for the third time in 2018. Additionally, Alexey is a four-time champion of Russia as well. His fights are reviewed and analyzed by HMB athletes all around the world. What is the secret of such successful performances? According to Alexey, the secret is simple.   […]
13 Jun 2018 16:12
Country in numbers – the story of Hungary
2014 was a year, when HMB found out about the Hungarians. György Sárközi, a fighter of the National Team of Hungary, told about the HMB statistics in his country. – When did the HMB start in Hungary? How was it? About five-six years ago we saw fights of our compatriot Ádámffy Zsigmond as a member […]
12 Jun 2018 17:15
Sergey Ukolov about the “21 vs 21″ category
A unique event occurred at the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2018! Sergey Ukolov, one of the most titled HMB athletes in the world, entered the lists in the buhurt category “21 vs 21″ as a member of the Russian team. Such an event could not be overlooked, because Sergey usually represents his […]
11 Jun 2018 19:11



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