Marshals Committee made a report about recent and future projects

29 Sep 2018 11:39
During the work of HMBIA General Essambly 2018 Sergei Miasishchev, Head of Marshals Committee made the report about the main directions of the development the Committee. Among them are implementation of the decisions of the 2017 Summit such as:

– Fulfilled all the previous Summit propositions
– Found better solution for 2 points:
1. Software instead of the handbooks.
2. A better way for transparency among marshals and athletes (especially for rules and regulations modification) is Google Forms.

Also the Marshals Committee did a great work providing HMBIA events and conducting seminars and examinations. According to him, all the main HMBIA tournaments were supplied by qualified and educated marshals. During the year Marshals Committee organized a number of seminars all over the world. There were workshops in Great Britain, Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Latvia, Italy, Spain, Argentina. Total amount of approved marshals is 95.
The main direction is the recognition of the HMB by Global Organisation of international Sport Federations. Sergei Miasishchev noticed that it is a priority and decide on this at the current summit with a corresponding record in the protocol. All the participants of the Summit agreed with the direction to join Global Organisation of international Sport Federations.

Also it is important to all national representatives of HMBIA to create public organizations and sign official agreements with HMBIA, according to the established form and provided samples and enter into negotiations with GAISF on the possibility of joining the organization.
Miasishchev noticed that after the Summit there will be Submited a package of documents, including information about the organization, a description of our direction, statistics of the competitions, etc. according to the established form and provided samples.

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