“Copa Brazil”-2018: who is the strongest?
On the 10th of March Brazil will hold the main HMB event of the country “Copa Brazil”-2018. It will be the last stage of qualifying tournaments to form and prepare the Brazilian National team for HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2018. There will be such categories as: – “Longsword” – “Sword and Shield” – […]
15 Feb 2018 17:11
HMB Soft workshop in Minsk in details
On the 10-th of February Minsk (Belarus) held the HMB Soft workshop. 20 people from different reenactment clubs from Belarus (“The White Taurus”, “Lucerne”, “Zurich”, etc.) took part and did not regret it! The workshop was devoted to the issues of the first year of training young athletes in HMB-Soft. In particular there were such […]
14 Feb 2018 14:14
Jesenice tournament-2018: how was it
On the 10-th of February there was “Jesenice tournament”-2018 that took place in Jesenice town, that is situated close to Prague. It was the last, third, round of the national qualifying event. The winners of this tournament forms the National team of the Czech Republic on the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”- 2018 […]
13 Feb 2018 23:19
“1-st open HMB-Soft Cup of Germany” – do not miss it!
Attention! March 17-18, 2018 MSKV Wesermarsch will held “1-st open HMB-Soft Cup of Germany”! The programm of the event consisits of official competitions on HMB-Soft for young men and girls in such age categories as: 12-13 years, 14-15 years, 16-17 years. In addition, during the tournament there will be held educational games for young athletes […]
13 Feb 2018 19:16
Chilean “Academy” gather ladies to practice HMB
HMB sport become more and more popular in Chile. So “Batallón Draconia” HMB Club desided to create a special trainings sessions of ladies who wants to try HMB sport. Christian Andrés Toro Berríos, Capitain of the national team told HMBIA News about it: “Since the middle of the last year 2017, Karla “Loba” Gatica and […]
12 Feb 2018 21:49
“Golden Hand IX” and beautiful female athletes
As you know, on February 3 in Moscow (Russia) the “Buhurt Challenger. Women’s 3×3″ tournament – “Golden Hand” was held. Despite the fact it is a tournament with its history – it was held for the 9th time, the organizers do not cease to amaze the participants and spectators. This year, before the start of […]
11 Feb 2018 17:09
“The 2nd Medieval Carriage” HMB tournament: we got results!
Campinas city near São Paulo (Brazil) held “The 2nd Medieval Carriage” HMB tournament on the 4-th of February. It took place at “Medieval Carriage” – open air reenactment village and restaurant. The tournament was part of “Liga Tropical” – brazilian national system of ranking. There was one of the stages to form the National team […]
10 Feb 2018 17:25
Profights will be the official category on the “Battle of the Nations” for the first time
There will be the profights category during the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” -2018 in Rome. This category of fighting is well-known to HMB athletes. This year, it will take its place in the championship`s standings. Each National team will declare 4 people to participate in this type of fights. The organizers plan […]
09 Feb 2018 16:29
“Golden Hand IX “: results and impressions
On the 3-d of February Moscow (Russia) hosted the “Golden Hand IX” tournament from the “Buhurt Challendger Women’s 3×3″ series. This is the 9th annual tournament that gathers the best female fghters fromall over Russia. In additon to Russian women, the tournament was atended by girls from Finland, Estonia and Ukraine. Partcipants represented such cites […]
08 Feb 2018 15:19
“Rugir de Dragones” – 2018: it’s Chile’s time!
On the 17th-18th of February Chile will held the “Rugir de Dragones” – 2018. It`s the Binational Championship that will take place in the capital of Chile – Santiago. HMBIA News asked Christian Andrés Toro Berríos to tell us about the event and that`s what he told us… There will be such categories as: Buhurt: […]
06 Feb 2018 19:25
Ukraine forms its National team for the “Battle of the Nations”-2018
On February 3, the Ice Palace in Kiev hosted the qualifying tournament for the formation of the National team of Ukraine, which will take part in the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” -2018. This tournament was dedicated to the buhurt nominations: “5 vs 5″ (both female and male) and “21 vs 21″. It […]
05 Feb 2018 21:30
Czech Republic forms the National team
On the 10th of February last round of the Czech national eliminations for the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2018 is going to happen. The tournament is a part of the Buhurt League system so it will be held according to the common HMBIA standards and rules for all countries. Tomáš Gajdošík told HMBIA […]
05 Feb 2018 19:34
Are you already planning a trip to the World Championship “Battle of the Nations” – 2018 in Rome? No doubt, it is the brightest event in the HMB world, held in the city, where the active energy and graceful architecture are intertwined. We have prepared some tips that will help you feel comfortable in the […]
04 Feb 2018 21:22
HMB Soft in details: workshop in Minsk
On the 10-th of February Minsk will held the HMB Soft workshop headed by Ali Askerov, the head of HMB-Soft-Russia and HMB Soft marshal. The program of the seminar is: – ?ethods of the training process and preparation for the realities of HMB Soft tournaments; – Marshal`s and administrative aspects in holding HMB Soft tournaments; […]
03 Feb 2018 17:38
Country in numbers – the story of Serbia
Today HMBIA News is going to tell you about the development of HMB sport in Serbia. It`s not a big country, but they loves our sport and do all that is possible to improve themselves and HMB-movement in general, to become better and better each year and we have a lot to learn from them. […]
02 Feb 2018 14:29
Molodetskaya Udal-2018: results
One of the qualifying stages of forming the National Team of Russia for the World Championship of HMB “Battle of the Nations” -2018 in Rome has come to the end. On the 27-28 of January Ekaterinburg held the regional HMB Russia tournament of the 1 league called “Molodetkaya Udal” -2018. The tournament is a part […]
31 Jan 2018 18:40



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