HMB Soft workshop in Minsk in details

14 Feb 2018 14:14

On the 10-th of February Minsk (Belarus) held the HMB Soft workshop. 20 people from different reenactment clubs from Belarus (“The White Taurus”, “Lucerne”, “Zurich”, etc.) took part and did not regret it!

The workshop was devoted to the issues of the first year of training young athletes in HMB-Soft. In particular there were such issues as:

– how to recruit groups;
– how to interest children in the group;
– how to start classes;
– how to establish a training process for achieving the best results for young athletes;
– how to work with the group using minimal equipment of the gym and shortcomings of the inventory.

In addition, the issues of working with children of the youngest age, their safety and instructor`s work with parents were covered.

The workshop was led by the head of HMB-Soft Russia Ali Askerov. After discussing the main topics, the speakers, headed by Askerov, answered the questions of the participants and analyzed the most common mistakes of the current athletes. The workshop lasting about 3 hours and passed in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Ali Askerov noted that it`s always a pleasure when workshops are held in the format of an open conversation. This creates a special atmosphere at the event and the information discussed in this way is better absorbed.

The editorial office of HMBIA News is convinced the workshop will help participants to open up the fascinating world of HMB-sport to the younger generation and become real wise trainers for young athletes.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania