Soares squad: brazilian knights

17 Feb 2018 14:02
There are 3 of them – Fernando, Franco and João. They are brothers of arms and in real life. this trinity made a lot for the development and popularization of the HMB movement in Brazil. This guys are members of HMB movement from its very begining in their country. They love to fight and it is unbelievable feeling to stay on the list with your brother. But they never been on the same team all together.

Fernando Soares:
“Unfortunately, or fortunately, as a rule I fought against my brothers… We still didn’t have a chance to fight all three brothers on the same team…We trained a lot together, so we can predict some each other`s moves …And when we are on the same side .. this is a big advantage… Because you can focus on the other things… Knowing that your partner doing his job…”.

Fernando has a dream to be on the same time on the same side of the list with his 2 brothers.

Franco Zerbinatti is the second brother and he has the same dream – just do what he loves with beloved people. Fighting besides brother is the realization of his dream:
“We trust each other and we have an unique synchrony. I think it’s because we’ve been training since we know the sport, but I prefer to believe that it’s our hearts beating together and that makes us fight better. Certainly sport has strengthed our bonds”.

João Paulo Zerbinatti Soares is the youngest brother. He was part of the National team of Brazil last year in Barcelona. He told our reporter, that he is always trying to help his brothers on the list if they are in danger, it`s a natural instinct. But they are strong and experienced, so they can handle their problems with oponents themselves. During the interview Fernando told us, that he had the same instinkts during the “The 2nd Medieval Carriage” tournament, but only for few seconds, because he was a marshal on this event and had to be impartial.

HMB sport made them much clother to each other. Our brothers became a real team!

João Paulo Zerbinatti Soares:
“My brothers and I became like an unity, we know what each one is thinking without saying any word and beside each other or thousand miles away that will not change”.

We are sure that the long distance will not split them up, because Fernando decided to leave Brazil and had moved to Japan with his family. It`s the sad part of the story, but all 3 brothers hopes that in a couple of years they will represent Brazil in the same team and will be together again on the list of HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”.

HMBIA News hopes so too and we will be waiting for the union of our Soares squad!

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