Víctor Terrón Gómez – impressive newcomer
Víctor Terrón Gómez is the beginner in HMB-sport, but he has already impressed all the community by his fencing skills on the “The Belmonte Challenge”-2015 . He agreed to speak with HMBIA News and told about himself and his way in sport. Víctor Terrón Gómez, duelist and fighter, captain of “Ferrum Canes” HMB-club (Spain): “I […]
17 Mar 2016 16:52
Andy Di Francesco: it`s a BOY!!!
Andy Di Francesco is a famous person in HMB-movement not only in Argentina. She is a well known as a female fighter and leader. She is a regular participant of HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” in “1vs1” category and the captain of the National team of Argentina, Andy is also a member of […]
07 Mar 2016 16:34
Battle of the Nations 2016 registration is open!
Ladies and gentlemen! We are happy to announce important news – the registration for Battle of the Nations 2016 is OPEN! We’ve been waiting for the whole year and now it is just a few months to the main HMB-event of the world. This year we will raise both championship and festival on a new […]
02 Mar 2016 10:03
You’re a great talker, babe! Galina Kokhvakko about swords, fencing and HMB
Well, to be honest, for quite a while I had certain doubts whether I should go through the hassle of writing a new analytical article or not. I’ve been thinking over the issue for a long time and asked several experienced fighters and judges for advice. To cut a long story short, do you remember […]
01 Mar 2016 14:30
HMBIA Marshals Summit 2016
Traditional HMB-marshal’s summit as the one of the most important meetings prior to the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations 2016”, will be held March 26 in Riga, Latvia. This meeting will be led by the Head of the marshal Committee for the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2016 Alexander Davydov. HMB invites […]
26 Feb 2016 11:02
“Copenhagen Medieval market”: the true Middle Ages in Denmark
“Copenhagen Medieval market”: the true Middle Ages in Denmark It seems like in the end of May 2015 the beautiful city of Copenhagen in Denmark moved to the Middle Ages. It is quite possible, because there has traditionally held a great event – “Copenhagen Medieval market”. Allan Schiller, organizer of “Copenhagen Medieval market” said that […]
23 Feb 2016 14:56
HMB tournament in Poland
All polish fighters and anybody who wants to are welcomed to participate in the full-contact tournament in Warsaw, 2 April 2016. Tournament categories: – 1v1 Triathlon Men – 1v1 Triathlon Female – 1v1 Junior Tournament (15-17 years old) – 5v5 – Royal category: 21v21 Tournament location will be announced later, so follow the news.   […]
22 Feb 2016 12:59
HMB-world welcomes new European tournament!
The end of 2015 was marked by a new event in the HMB-movement. It is Fights of Knights tournament that took place in ?ód? (Poland). It was first “FoK” event but it was liked by a lot of people so we can hope to see “Fights of Knights” tournament again and every year. But let’s […]
17 Feb 2016 18:50
“Attention! The rules of duel nominations are accepted!”
Everyone in the HMB movement knows that starting from the year 2017 duel categories of the Championship of the world in HMB “Battle of the Nations” will get new format. Instead of the general “Triathlon” category, three separate nominations are introduced, the winners of which are to get right to fight in super finale champion […]
21 Jan 2016 11:45
Moser, Austria: “The mutual respect and camaraderie between the National Teams was a thing to remember and it makes me look forward to the coming seasons!“
Joris Moser (Thoris Jorikson), fighter of “VgVK Salzburg” club, fighter of the National Team of Austria … Concerning his way to HMB sport One September day of the year 2013 a friend of mine (Andrej Woltschanskiy) asked me if I wanted to join his training in medieval combat. After a couple of training sessions it […]
05 Dec 2015 12:09
Battle of the Nations – 2016
Great news for HMB lovers! We want to uncover the mysterious dates of the most exciting HMB event of the next year. Are you ready? Just take your calendar and encircle the long-expected dates: 5th-9th of May 2016 in Prague, Czech Republic. Cancel all your plans for these days and wait for the most magnificent […]
30 Nov 2015 23:25
Happy Birthday HMBIA! 3 years!
Isn’t it a matter of drinking some good old ale? Raise your goblets, dear friends!
30 Nov 2015 11:58
Battle of the Nations 2016 will begin 5th of May! A warmup day has beed added!
Battle of the Nations will long for 5 days now! The majority of captains voted to add extra day for longer championship and more fights. 5th of May will be a “warmup day”: the duel group stage and women 3×3 fights will be held in the main arena. More days – more fights!
30 Nov 2015 11:56
Battle of the Nations 2016 location has been announced!
Finally we can announce the location where Battle of the Nations 2016 will take place. It is Prague, Czech Republic! *SURPRISE!! :)* But an old place doesn’t mean it would be same as last year. A lot of interesting and new await for you, hurry up to book your vacation! Hold on, Prague, we are […]
28 Nov 2015 11:55
International HMB Fighter ID
HMB international association is proud to introduce you International HMB Fighter ID. As an ID holder you will receive: 1. Official recognition by HMB International Association as HMB fighter. 2. Free and fast entrance to HMBIA organized tournaments, training seminars, marshal summits and other events. 3. Discounts at our partner armouries …and many more benefits […]
28 Nov 2015 11:51
HMBIA Summit – 2015: Prague, Czech Republic
November 28-29, 2015 HMBIA Summit will be held in Prague (Czech Republic). This annual event aims to raise and solve the most important issues of the HMB community, to choose the most effective and promising ways of its development, and sum up the results of the season. There is also the representatives of all the […]
26 Nov 2015 11:49



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