Víctor Terrón Gómez – impressive newcomer

17 Mar 2016 16:52
Víctor Terrón Gómez is the beginner in HMB-sport, but he has already impressed all the community by his fencing skills on the “The Belmonte Challenge”-2015 . He agreed to speak with HMBIA News and told about himself and his way in sport.

Víctor Terrón Gómez, duelist and fighter, captain of “Ferrum Canes” HMB-club (Spain): “I practice the sport for a year and a half ago, but I have no chance to train since I live in Mallorca (one of the Spanish islands) and here I´m the only HMB fighter. I have to train alone and see many videos of HMB-fighting and analyze it. The only time I can fight with someone is during the National tournaments”.
During the spanish tournament he defeated all rivals except Nikolai Avenirov – the winner of the challenge. According to Victor, there were no weak opponents on this year tournament, but ukrainian duelist Nikolai Avenirov was the toughest.

Víctor: “All fighters that were my opponents were very strong physically, much stronger then the level of the rest of Europe to which I am used to, I had to put all my concentration in every battle to get victory. But the fight I had with Averinov was one of the hardest I’ve done. It’s a really hard hitter, I was not surprised with his approach to the fight but I was surprised with his striking power and stamina. We had not much oppotunities to speak because of the language barrier, but I would call him “a true knight” that strong in the list and gentle outside”.
Today Victor is a tough HMB-fighter that shows great results in the “Duel” category, but his interest in historical medieval sport started from 1 video on the Youtube chanel.

Víctor: “I knew about HMB-sport thanks to my friend. She knew that I loved contact sports and everything related to the Middle Ages and showed me some videos of HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”, I described it as the hardest fight there, and I knew that was what I wanted to do, maybe not at first at this level of competition, maybe something more modest, but really this is something that I love and has a very important place in my life”.
His first competition was in 2013. From that time he got a lot of victories, did not lose any assault and have a plan to try other disciplines. HMBIA News wish him to meet experienced fighters to learn and get new skills.
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