“Copenhagen Medieval market”: the true Middle Ages in Denmark

23 Feb 2016 14:56
“Copenhagen Medieval market”: the true Middle Ages in Denmark

It seems like in the end of May 2015 the beautiful city of Copenhagen in Denmark moved to the Middle Ages. It is quite possible, because there has traditionally held a great event – “Copenhagen Medieval market”.
Allan Schiller, organizer of “Copenhagen Medieval market” said that the fair is held here for 10 years, but the tournament was first held in 2014. The fair and tournament both are very popular among the audience. Allan Schiller gave us a little statistics.
Allan Schiller, head of orgcommittee “Copenhagen Medieval market”, HMB-fighter (Denmark): “Our event is growing and more and more people visit it every year. For example, in 2015 the event was visited by around 35,000 visitors, at least 28,000 of them knew about fair and came purposefully. And at least 10,000 people were at the event all 3 days.
The event gained an international status, because fighters from different countries  crossed their arms on the lists.

Allan Schiller:
“In 2015 this event was attended by fighters from Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Israel, Norway and, of course, Denmark. A 2 year existence of the tournament we already have people from Australlia, New Zealand, England, Ukraine, Germany, Mexico, argentina, USA, austria and many interesting in coming”.
There were 2 categories to compete: “5 vs 5″ and “1 vs 1″.
Well-known in the world of the HMB-fighters Ilias Vyshutin (Ukraine), Nikolay Avenirov (Ukraine) and Mikhail Morgul(Israel) But about all in order told HMBIA News about the event and their impressions. So let them speak!
Ilias Vyshutin, fighter of HMB-club “Knyaz” (Ukraine): “The event was very interesting. Festival was good because the organizers have provided fighting part with our participation, and staging for spectators – with music and equestrian clashes, jousting battles. Guests could look at fights, to try his hand in sparring, eat in a medieval restaurant. I traveled as a member of “fives” represented HMB-club “Knyaz”, but soon I had to leave the list because of not an old knee injury, so the festival remainder held as a support group. but pleased guys pilaf, talked with spectators and and a bit of sunbathing. As for me, this festival has its own significance – here I met my wife”.
A lot of good memories of the “Copenhagen Medieval market” got the participants from Israel. Michael Morgul, the representative of Israel and famous fighter in the HMB-community told us about his impressions.
Mikhail Morgul, HMB-fighter (Israel): “”Copenhagen Medieval market” is quite known event, but we were there for the first time. Of course Denmark is an expensive country, but we left it with a very good impression. And about the fights. There were two lists, one for jousting battles and second HMB- fights. Very impressive! I fought with a team. There were three our fighters from Israel (lrina Rogozovskaya, Ilya Gubernikov and I) and Nick – the guy from Norway. And there we were joined by a well-known fighter Abigor (Andrey Alexeev). The battles were tough, and quality”.
Nikolay Avenirov – known Ukrainian fighter, famous duelist agreed with Michael Morgul.
Nikolay Avenirov, fighter of HMB-club «Ayna Bera» (Ukraine):
“The tournament is gaining from the year to year. We can see apparance of the new and interesting teams. We would like to mention a team of Alan Schiller. It`s great guys and our friends, who are progressing skyrocketing! Hi, Allan!
People of the HMB-community agree that organize the tournament – is not that easy. This is a giant and titanic work and a big responsibility. However in Copenhagen, according to sportsmen, they did it at the highest level.
Mikhail Morgul, HMB-fighter (Israel): “This is one of the best managerial work. In addition, Alan Schiller, one of the organizers, constantly checking that we all right”.
Nikolay Avenirov, fighter of HMB-club «Ayna Bera» (Ukraine): “Definitely we can say that in terms of organization “Copenhagen Medieval market” takes the top spot of my ranking. Have you ever seen the oven built near the tent for participants? They did it! Also they took out the garbage every morning on a special machine and they brought us furniture!”
In addition, Nikolay said such an important aspect of the event, as the organization of the medical tent. It is very important to have good doctors, capable of in a few minutes to diagnose and begin treatment of the fighter, and of course, technical and material equipment. Physicians must have all materials for fast and effective assistance to sportsmen. According to Nikolay Avenirov on “Copenhagen Medieval market” it was all in right way.
Our heroes did not want to talk about fighting, because the reader’s imagination can draw all the necessary – the excitement, the bitterness of defeat and the joy of victory, but …
Nikolay Avenirov, fighter of HMB-club «Ayna Bera» (Ukraine): “But list with grass and flowers – really worth mentioning. Have you ever fall on a cloud? I think the feeling is very similar”.
According to the participants of the tournament, the organizers managed to create a wonderful atmosphere of the Middle Ages in the 21-t century Copenhagen surprised the participants and guests of the event with a fair measure.
Mikhail Morgul, HMB-fighter (Israel): “This is a huge medieval market that we have been able to visit – 5 streets full of medieval goods from paws and skins of polar bears to this medieval clasps. My wife Dasha and I could pass it fully only once, because it is very huge! “
Ilias Vyshutin totally agree with Mikhail. He also discovered and “Scandinavian flavor.”
Ilias Vyshutin, fighter of HMB-club “Knyaz” (Ukraine): “I liked the fact that the level of reconstruction here is very high, at the fair were presented much – tents, utensils, clothes, a lot of different Souvenirs. However, its hard to pass it fully. We had to make 2-3 circles around it to see everything.  The event passes in a park by the sea cliff and the weather was very strange: day – there is cold in the shadow and there is too hot in the sun. Night- there is terribly cold, even despite the fact that this is the end of May, but what can you do?! Denmark is a birthplace of the tough Viking!”
In addition to the Battle of the fairs with numerous of products, viewers expecting a great entertainment part. According to participants, there were A LOT OF spectators and there was more than enough fun for the people.
Hundreds of kids drags their parents to the festival. For example, kids enjoyed the location where one or mob can beat a monster or a knight. Fair guests were leaving happy, joyful, shopping and with new experiences.
The orgteam made show of the awarding with a procession efferent main prize – “Golden arm” from sponsors, lush speeches and a blessing.
Our story would be incomplete without the tournament results.

The winners in the men’s duels category are
3rd place – SAIENKO DMYTRO
The winners in the category “5 on 5? are
1st place – Ukraine 2 (Ayna Bera)
2nd place – Ukraine 1 (Knyaz)
3rd place – Det Frie Kompagni (Denmark)
Nikolay Avenirov, fighter of HMB-club «Ayna Bera» (Ukraine): “I do not know whose soul organizers was sold to do everything so cool, but the tournament was great”.
Great words! In conclusion we would like to wish all of us as much as possible of such quality events.

Photo: Ayna Bera

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