HMB-world welcomes new European tournament!

17 Feb 2016 18:50

The end of 2015 was marked by a new event in the HMB-movement. It is Fights of Knights tournament that took place in ?ód? (Poland). It was first “FoK” event but it was liked by a lot of people so we can hope to see “Fights of Knights” tournament again and every year. But let’s start from the very begining.
Damian ?akomski told the whole history of this event to HMBIA News.

Damian ?akomski, chairman of organizational committee of “Fights of Knights” tournament, fighter:
The history of “Fights of Knights” is not so long. First concept was created by myself as an organizer during Professional Fights ONLY1 event. It was held in huge sport hall in Katowice (may 2015). Arnold Pazdzierny helped me a lot on this project as a vice-chairman of organizational committee. I was invited there by Foundation Start Sport which promotes different kinds of sport. On this event I’ve met Tomasz Andrzejczak, the president of WPA Polska. After a short discussion about our sport, he was
interested enough to offer me the organization of accompanying event to WPA European Championship Bench press and Deadlift. It was great news because we could show our sport during other sport event (international one).
And in may 2015 mr. Andrzejczak and Damian ?akomski agreed they have to make a show on next event which was 12.12.2015. There was not much time and Damian with his friend Arnold started to organize first “Fights of Knights” tournament. It was their first time as organizers of such event, but they managed to do it!

Damian ?akomski:
“Together with my friend Arnold Pa?dzierny we were sure that it should look like WMFC professional fights. We called the most experienced fighters in Poland who took part in WMCF 1vs1 fights – Szatecki brothers and others fighters of Polish National Team: polish captain in 2014 and vice president of HMBiA Krzysztof Olczak, Jakub ?ogusz, Jakub Gajdecki, Andrzej Studencki, Maciej Ryszkiewicz, Aleksander Blausz and others. So wee had 5 pairs of good fighters to make nice show”.
First “Fights of Knights” tournament was dedicated to the 3d anniversary of Start Sport Fundation.
There were 10 fighters and 5 fights. 4 sword and shield and 1 long sword nomination. Main highlights you can see here.
All fights had a 3×1,5 minute order. One was finished after 1 round after brutal attack of Krzysztof Szatecki. By the way, one of his main achievements is the 3d place in “1vs1″ category on the World HMB Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2013 (France).

In the end of the tournament there were such results:
Krzysztof Szatecki (Winner) vs Maciej Ryszkiewicz
Krzysztof Olczak (Winner) vs Andrzej Studencki
Robert Szatecki (Winner) vs Jakub ?ogusz
Damian ?akomski (Winner) vs Jakub Gajdecki
Aleksander Blausz (Winner) vs Arnold Pa?dzierny
As Damian ?akomski told us, the event was great and many people were impressed to see such unusual and tough fights.

Damian ?akomski:
“We see the big potential in our sport and we met people who want to support our passion. For now we take part in City competition called Civil Budget. Is official voting of Mikolow citizens on different projects. We proposed citizens to make two tournaments in 2016 – for juniors and seniors. We have also organized one “5vs5″ tournament there 10.10.2015 and it was big success. Citizens, city government and fighters liked it a lot”.
There are the links to this event:
link 1
link 2
According to ?akomski, they are planning to register “Fight of Knights” tournament as an association and this process is ongoing. He told that association can help them to cooperate with partners and promote their actions. Also they are planning to show HMB-fights on different international sport events, especially fight sports and ?? promote HMB-sport in Poland in this way .

Damian ?akomski:
“In the future we want to cooperate with HMBIA and WMFC to organize at least 3 events a year branded by this dynamic organizations. We start this “Fights of Knights” and one in Poland next year. Moreover since 2018 year we will try to carry out our own international event in different countries”.

More details here:
YouTube channel
FaceBook page

Damian ?akomski for HMBIA News

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