Results of the Draw for Battle of the Nations 2017
Posted: Apr 20, 2017 22:120 share Print Today in Barcelona the draw for Battle of the Nations 2017 was held. Find your favorites and start cheering for them! Everything will unveil in less than 2 weeks. Good luck to all competitors!
20 Apr 2017 22:43
Evgeniy Baranov about his team…
The fans of the national team of Belarus will see the team in a couple of nominations this year. Evgeniy Baranov – captain of the team told HMBIA News about that. He agreed to give a little interview.   Evgeniy Baranov, captain of the national team of Belarus: “We have no qualifying tournaments in particular. […]
20 Apr 2017 17:02
Antonio De Zio (Italy) about his National team…
Selection tournaments in Italy finished in March and everybody is ready to go to Barcelona to participate in HMB Word Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2017. That`s what Antonio De Zio, captain of the National team of Italy told HMBIA News. According to Mr. De Zio, Italians will take part in such nominations: “Polearm”, “Sword and […]
19 Apr 2017 12:30
Rogozovskaya (Israel):”… there is always something to learn from your opponents”
Irina Rogozovskaya has been fighting on the list of the Championship of the world in HMB “Battle of the Nations” for several years. She was always able to impress everyone both with appearance and fighting skill. She will visit “Battle of the Nations”-2017 as well.   Irina Rogozovskaya: “I fight for the national team of […]
18 Apr 2017 19:54
Mikhail Morgulis (Israel): “… Everyone will do their best to achieve victory”
National team of Israel have been shifting through the tournament table for many years and it always makes their fans happy with the results. HMBIA News asked Mikhail Morgulis, captain of the National team of Israel what plans do guys have for 2017. Mikhail Morgulis: “Our team is formed, but it isn’t complete. There are […]
15 Apr 2017 13:26
Changes in the Marshal’s committee!
Some changes have occurred in the committee. HMBIA News has already covered this in the previous articles. Vitaliy Makaryan (Ukraine), marshal of the Championship of the world in HMB “Battle of the Nations” since 2012 told us more about that.   Vitaliy Makaryan: “There is no head of the committee now. Positions of the marshal’s […]
15 Apr 2017 12:24
Marshal’s summit: how it was…
Marshal’s summit – is one of the main events of HMB movement. Traditionally, it took place prior to the Championship of the world in HMB “Battle of the Nations”. This year, the summit was held on April 1 in the city of St. Petersburg (Russia). As we have noticed earlier, the summit’s format was unusual […]
14 Apr 2017 17:18
Tournoi de la Citadelle in Carcassonne. Tomorrow!
Tournoi de la Citadelle – the biggest HMB event of France and a great tournament in particular begins tomorrow. Traditionally, the tournament will take two days – April 15-16 and will take place at the Theatre of Jeanne de Champs, Carcassonne. The open tournament is to take place in the open air, in the covered […]
14 Apr 2017 16:44
Facundo Camilo Lopez (Argentina): “… We will do a good job”
It is time to speak about National Team of Argentina. HMBIA News had a little conversation with Facundo Camilo Lopez – recently elected captain of Team Argentina and the captain of C.E.C.M. He told us about his expectations of the team. Facundo Camilo Lopez: “This year we are taking a smaller team than the last […]
13 Apr 2017 20:15
We are glad to announce the medieval costume contest at the Battle of the Nations 2017 – Barcelona!
HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” consists of several parts. Authenticity is one of the most important parts of the Historical Medieval Battle. So one of the non-fighting nominations in this tournament is devoted to medieval civil clothes.   You can enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the medieval centuries even through the marvelous reconstruction […]
12 Apr 2017 21:07
“Copa Grifo HMB tournament” – famous and the biggest HMB-event in Argentina: results
On March 25-26, Blanco Encalada, Lanus, provincia de Buenos Aires held the “Copa Grifo HMB tournament”, which is the biggest tournament in Argentina as well as a cultural event. For 3 years, the whole HMB movement of the country has been gathering to participate and support fighters. Facundo Camilo Lopez – the Captain of C.E.C.M. […]
12 Apr 2017 13:15
Vedran Podubski about the seminar in Slovenia: “… it was great”
Seminar in Slovenia came to an end, so HMBIA News decided to ask Croatian representative that took part in it about his impressions. We had a little conversation with Vedran Podubski, and that is what he told us. Vedran Podubski: “The seminar was a great experience. As my colleague and I are coming from a […]
11 Apr 2017 21:00
Tickets for Battle of the Nations -2017 are already on sale! Don’t miss out!
Get your tickets for the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” 2017 from home, office, or wherever you are! HMBIA and Ticketmaster – the biggest ticket distributor in Spain – have made everything easier for you. Tickets will be available online, as well as from more than 1500 stores, including well-known outlets such as […]
08 Apr 2017 22:35
Lightbody (Australia): “… our fighters have definitely stepped up”
HMBIA News could not write about National team of Australia in this series of articles. So we had a conversation with Bryce Lightbody, Australian captain and found out a lot about his team and selection tournaments in this country. Now you will know it too.   Bryce Lightbody: “Selecting the National Team of Australia is […]
08 Apr 2017 15:09
France will show new faces of its National team
The National team of France has been taking part in HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” for many years. This time they will come to Barcelona as well. The French Selection tournament took place in the end of March and it was full of surprises. HMBIA News got more details about the 2017 team […]
08 Apr 2017 13:50
Schiller – 3 years of working and studying
Allan Schiller and his team have been taking part in HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” during 3 years and all this time he is doing his best to learn something new in this sport. They use all the way to get information and skills. Denmark captain told HMBIA News how “Battle of the […]
07 Apr 2017 20:19



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