Urosevic (Serbia): “…the team is in good shape and I expect a lot of them”

22 Apr 2017 11:40
This year we will have eighth HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” and for almost all those years we watched National team of Serbia on the list. HMBIA News had an interview with Aleksandar Dobri Urosevic – captain of the national team of Serbia. He told us about his team and his expectations.

National Team of Serbia will take part in such fighting nominations as: “5vs5″ “21vs21″ in coalition with Italy, “Sword and Shield” and “Polearm” for both male and female fighters and non-fighting nomination “Best authentic civil costume”.

Aleksandar Dobri Urosevic: “This is my Third time as a captain and during my time we had first woman fighter, and she was fourth in “Polearms”, team is in good shape and I expect a lot of them. Problem is that we have to drive over 2500 km to get to Barcelona, and that may interfere with our level of fighting, but not much. All my male teammates and of course I will support and help the female fighters of our team. They are our treasure! Also we are happy to be part of such big family”.

Mr. Urosevic loves HMB-sport and is sure that nothing can stop you from doing what you love.

Aleksandar Dobri Urosevic: “This sport is not that demanding if you like it. I have Multiple Sclerosis and still fight with my team. This is my fourth year to have MS and to fight at the “Battle of the Nations”. And I`m planning to participate as a fighter this year too”.

HMBIA and our editorial office wishes the Serbian team a lot of interesting fights and cannot wait to see them on the list of the “Battle of the Nations” -2017.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania